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  • Justin Sun leaves TRON Foundation and becomes Ambassador of Grenada at the World Trade Organization
  • Despite criticism of the bitcoin law El Salvador President’s rating remains extremely high
  • IMF urged to urgently remove cryptocurrency bans: need global control of exchanges
  • Russia followed China wants to ban cryptocurrency investments
  • Adidas Originals launches first collection NFT. How much is a ticket to the metaverse?
  • – the panickers give their bitcoins to the rich “- President of Devere Group
  • Melania Trump launched her own NFT platform

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After criticism from players and industry media, GSC Game World announced that they would abandon the idea of ​​adding NFT to the game.

The dev post on Twitter reads:

“Based on the feedback we received, we made the decision to cancel everything related to NFT, in STALKER 2 “

” The interests of our fans and players are the top priority for the team. We make this game for you. If you care, so do we. ”

As a reminder, last week Ubisoft announced the creation of a new NFT platform called Ubisoft Quartz. And we also faced an extremely negative reaction from the community.

Justin Sun retires from TRON Foundation and becomes Ambassador of Grenada to the World Trade Organization

Founder of the TRON cryptocurrency platform Justin Sun is leaving his post to become the permanent ambassador of the Government of Grenada to the World Trade Organization. His task in the new post will be the development of the crypto-sphere of the island state, as well as the promotion of blockchain technology.

At the same time, the company noted that the position does not imply “financial reward”. Sun himself directly agreed to the appointment solely to promote technology in the crypto-sphere.

Despite criticism of the Bitcoin law, the rating of the President of El Salvador remains extremely high

Рейтинг Наииб Букеле не падает, даже при критики криптовалюты

In September, President of Salvador Nayib Bukele legalized in the country bitcoin . Now any organization providing services in a digital environment is obliged to provide support for transactions through crypto-platforms.

To promote the idea among ordinary residents, the authorities developed Chivo crypto wallet МВФ - нужен глобальный контроль бирж. Anyone who downloaded it could receive BTC in the amount of 30 dollars.

Despite this, the President’s bill was criticized, including by international partners, for example, the IMF. Until now, ordinary citizens of El Salvador consider the legalization of BTC to be Bukele’s main mistake.

At the same time, the rating of the young president remains extremely high. These are the conclusions reached by employees of the LPG Datos publication. They interviewed only , 7% said they did not approve of the actions of the head of state.

The IMF urged to urgently lift the bans on cryptocurrencies: global control of exchanges is needed

МВФ - нужен глобальный контроль бирж

The IMF chief economist has called on countries to abandon the idea of ​​banning cryptocurrencies. In her opinion, this is ineffectual, because most exchanges operate offshore and are not controlled by states. Instead, the official is proposing strict regulation. It is important that the question is not shelved.

МВФ - нужен глобальный контроль бирж

“The introduction of cryptocurrencies and assets will be especially beneficial for emerging economies. But it is also extremely important to implement the rules in this sector. No country alone can effectively regulate the cryptocurrency market given the complexities of international transactions. Since many of the crypto exchanges operate offshore, they are not regulated by the state … Therefore, we need a single global policy on this issue “ – Gita Gopinath, American financier

Россия хочет запретить криптовалюты.

Russia, following China, wants to ban cryptocurrency investments

The Central Bank of Russia has again recalled its hostile attitude towards the industry cryptocurrencies. In new reports, they recommended that the government prohibit local investors from investing in digital assets. Bankers motivate this decision with traditional excuses about risks and financial instability.

Note that the report was not officially released – it was reported by Reuters reporters. But the Central Bank has regularly criticized digital currencies in the past.

Negotiations on a ban are already underway, where will this lead?

Adidas Originals launches its first NFT collection. How much is a “ticket” to the metaverse?

Adidas Original в Мета вселенной

Now we know what we will wear in virtual worlds. Popular brand Adidas Originals presents the NFT collection. Coming in partnership with Bored Ape Yacht Club, GMoney and PUNKS Comics.

NFT will be the first part of the Into the Metaverse collection. It will give owners access to the brand’s digital and physical items.

Adidas has been preparing for this event for several weeks. In November they bought NFT Ape # 20416, and paid for that 40 ETH (about 200 579 dollars at the current price) … This is a token with the image of a blue monkey wearing a hat and glasses.

“Alarmist sellers give out their bitcoins to the rich” – President of Devere Group

Adidas Original в Мета вселенной

Nigel Green, the founder and CEO of the Devere Group consulting firm, gave his assessment of alarmist traders. He believes that their behavior will make large buyers even richer.

According to Green, sellers “practically give” their cryptocurrencies to large investors. And those, in turn, are saving BTC to hedge against inflation.

Here is a fragment of Green’s statement on the official website of the Devere Group:

“Wealthy, long-term cryptocurrency investors are taking advantage of panic. They buy digital assets at low prices to strengthen their investment portfolios. ”

Cryptocurrency markets have plummeted in recent weeks. Bitcoin fell by 40%, after the record 69 thous. dollars it is traded at the level 50 thousand

Melania Trump launched her own NFT platform

Мелания Трамп запустила собственную платформу NFT

The wife of the former President of the United States has repeatedly criticized cryptocurrencies and everything related to them. It seems that now her opinion has changed. Melania Trump opened her own NFT marketplace yesterday and presented a collection of non-fungible tokens.

January Art Auction on the platform We are launching a special auction for unique pieces of art – both digital and physical. In addition, Melania Trump plans to release new NFTs in the future. Part of the proceeds will also go to the Be Best project.

“I am thrilled with this new project that brings together my passion for art and my desire to help children realize their unique American Dream.”

Россия хочет запретить криптовалюты.


  • Renowned investor and Bitcoin maximalist Peter McCormack announced the purchase of local English football club Bedford FC.
  • 200 millions of people in the world already use cryptocurrencies. In terms of acceptance, this number of users is commensurate with the number of Internet users in 2000 year
  • After criticism from players and industry media, GSC Game World announced that they would abandon the idea of ​​adding NFT to the game. “Based on the feedback we received, we made the decision to cancel all NFT-related stuff in STALKER 2”;
  • Binance has announced 30 – m project on Binance Launchpool – Highstreet (HIGH), an open-world metauniverse that brings together shopping, gaming, NTF, traditional and crypto brands in an MMORPG game. Register and get a bonus up to $ 65 on the Binance exchange, follow the link.
  • Huobi Global will list the GamesPad ecosystem tokens on the new Primelist platform.
  • Kraken Ventures raised $ 69 million for his fund targeting crypto and tech startups. “Now our goal is to help the most innovative projects and their talented founders reach their goals as soon as possible,” – commented in the company.

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