Despite criticism of the Bitcoin law, the rating of the President of El Salvador remains extremely high

Рейтинг Наииб Букеле.


  • President of El Salvador criticized for the law on legalization of BTC
  • At the same time, his rating remains extremely high
  • Total 14, 7% of 1600 people do not approve of the actions of the head of state

In September, El Salvador’s President Nayib Bukele legalized bitcoin in the country. Now any organization providing services in a digital environment is obliged to provide support for transactions through crypto-platforms.

To promote the idea among ordinary residents, the authorities developed the Chivo crypto wallet. Anyone who downloaded it could receive BTC in the amount of 33 dollars.

Despite this, the president’s bill was criticized, including by international partners, for example, the IMF. Until now, ordinary citizens of El Salvador consider the legalization of BTC to be Bukele’s main mistake.

But at the same time, the rating of the young president remains extremely high. These are the conclusions reached by employees of the LPG Datos publication. They interviewed 1600 residents, and only 13, 7% said they did not approve of the actions of the head of state.

Of these, 9.6% believe that the BTC legalization bill remains Bukele’s main mistake. Slightly more than 3% refused to answer journalists’ questions.

In October this year, protesters marched through the capital of El Salvador. They demanded to overturn the decision of the Supreme Court, which upheld the BTC bill.

Many protesters carried banners with slogans stating that Bukele is a “fake emperor” and bitcoin is a “fraud”.

The president himself claims that digital assets can help the economy of El Salvador “get on its feet.” According to him, the legalization of bitcoin, as well as the introduction of cryptocurrencies in retail financial transactions, will attract more private investors and tourists to the country.

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