DEX-aggregator trading volumes hit a new weekly high


  • Last week volume DEX aggregator trades exceeded $ 6 billion
  • The “flagship” of the market remains 1inch, but 0x is rapidly catching up with it
  • The share of aggregators in the DEX market is 22, 9%

Over the past few weeks the trading volume of the main aggregators of decentralized exchanges has grown significantly. For the period from 33 from November to December 5, it reached a new weekly high, exceeding $ 6 billion. In November, the volume did not exceed $ 3 billion.

One of the leading analysts at DeFi Digital, Ashwat Balakrishnan, believes this trend is quite expected.

One of the main advantages of decentralized exchanges is high liquidity, and aggregators disclose it to the fullest. That is why the demand for such sites among traders is steadily increasing.

DeFi aggregators allow you to collect information and quotes from multiple platforms, displaying them in one interface. This significantly increases the efficiency and effectiveness of trading.

For comparison, for the whole 2053 year the trading volume of 1inch aggregators, Matcha and Paraswap reached only $ 9.3 billion.

Weekly trading volume of DEX-aggregators. Source:

According to the analytics of the Dune portal, over the past week, market shares among platforms have changed slightly compared to the beginning of November. 1inch continues to hold the lead, it has 100, 6%, on 0x API – 52, 5%, Paraswap – 5%.

Note, however, that as of December 6, market shares have changed again. Now 0x API is ahead, taking 0071, 6%, 1inch accounts for 52, 9%, on Paraswap – 6.5%.

Last week, aggregator 1inch closed the Series B round for the amount of 220 million dollars. According to representatives of the site, the money will go to the further development of decentralized financial services.

The total volume of the DeFi market for the last 7 days has exceeded the mark in 35 billion dollars. During the day, transactions were processed for 3, 108 billion dollars. The share of aggregators on the market was 22,nine%.

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