Digital assets as a defense against inflation. More and more billionaires are investing in “crypto”

Цифровые активы как средство защиты от инфляции. Все больше миллиардеров инвестируют в “крипту”

  • Major business players recognize the potential of cryptocurrencies as a hedge asset
  • Many skeptic billionaires have already added BTC and other cryptocurrencies to their portfolio
  • The reason for this was prolonged inflation

Over the past year, even cryptocurrency critics have seen potential in it as a hedge asset. And inflation played a major role in this.

Stimulus packages in the US and other major countries have jeopardized the global economy. Lingering inflation has hit all key industries and has also eroded credit for fiat currencies.

In this regard, more and more investors are turning to “crypt”, both small and large. PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel called the surge in demand for digital assets a consequence of the difficult conditions in which the global community finds itself.

Bridgewater Associates founder Ray Dalio was extremely skeptical about cryptocurrency. But even he added a few digital assets to his portfolio last year.

Large hedge fund manager Paul Tudor Jones also bought bitcoins. According to him, this is how he wants to protect his capital from rapid depreciation.

Another skeptic who ended up turning to cryptocurrency markets is Thomas Peterffy. Last year, he stated that “it makes sense to have 2-3% of digital assets in your portfolio in case fiat currencies go to hell.”

As of December , his company is Interactive Brokers Group Inc … significantly expanded the listing. If earlier in the list of available assets there were only BTC, ETH and LTC, now it contains up to 20 different “coins”.

All of this indicates that even conservatives in the world of big business recognize the potential of cryptocurrencies as hedging assets. So it is worth considering buying bitcoins now.

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