Disney brings the metaverse to physical space

Disney запатентовала технологию для тематического парка в Метавселенной

  • The company is interested in the segment and has taken a course towards uniting the digital and real world
  • Visitors will be able to interact with the metaverse without a headset

Disney has received patent permission to create personalized interactive attractions for visitors to their parks.

The technology is based on augmented reality (AR), but without the use of an additional headset.

The application was originally filed back in July 2020 of the year. Obviously, the entertainment giant has long planned to enter a promising segment. However, why the papers were approved only now is unknown.

The technology will track visitors’ smartphones and project 3D effects onto nearby physical spaces, walls and objects. It will also create avatars with which guests of the park will be able to interact with other users and the environment.

Last November, when presenting his latest quarterly earnings report, CEO Bob Chapek stated the following:

“All our efforts today are aimed at improving the relationship between the real and digital world. This will allow us to better convey Disney history in our own metaverse. ”

It is not yet known when the new one will be built theme park. In an interview with the LA Times, a company representative noted that he is not in the near future.

But it is possible that along with the popularization of this market, Disney will evaluate new opportunities and postpone the project.

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