Donald Trump fears for the future of the dollar and predicts a “cryptocurrency explosion”


  • Donald Trump has another once criticized cryptocurrencies
  • He considers them dangerous
  • The former president loves the dollar, but fears for its future

Donald Trump never was not a fan of cryptocurrencies. And he never skimped on vivid epithets: he said that it was “a disaster that is waiting in the wings” or “a scam that requires tight adjustment” . However, this time he went even further and warned that one day there will be “an explosion that we have never seen” . In his opinion, the only currency should be the dollar.

Trump raised the topic of cryptocurrencies in an interview with Maria Bartiromo from Fox Business. He once again warned that “cryptocurrencies are dangerous.”

“I never liked them, I love the dollar” , Trump answered when asked about bitcoins. And he added that the only world currency should be the dollar.

“But cryptocurrencies are developing more and more, and no one can do anything about it. One day there will be an explosion that we have never seen. ”

Trump and NFT

Trump was also asked about the former first lady’s crypto business. Last week, Melania Trump opened her own NFT marketplace and unveiled her first tokenized painting, Melania’s Vision.

Commenting on his wife’s business, Trump said:

“She’s going to do a great job … She has a great fantasy and people love our former first lady.”

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