Donate Now Accepts TON Cryptocurrency


  • TON and Donate concluded partnership agreement
  • Users of the payment service will be able to use cryptocurrency to pay for subscriptions and donations
  • Donate administration will be able to withdraw income in Tonecoin
  • Pavel Durov commented on the agreement, noting that he was glad to further develop his blockchain project

On Thursday, 23 December, the administration of the TON Community announced a partnership with the verified payment service Donate. The agreement involves the integration of the cryptocurrency of the same name for conducting transactions through the site.

Donate users will be able to pay for subscriptions and make donations. The portal administration will be able to withdraw income in Toncoin.

Details of the partnership agreement are not yet known. Note that the TON Community has more than 100 thousands of users … In the ru-community of this project, the audience actually totals 160 thousands of people.

The TON blockchain was developed in 2020 by the Durov brothers. In May 2020 it had to be closed due to litigation with the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

Co-founder of Telegram Pavel Durov noted that he was forced to comply with the requirements of the American regulator.

The source code of the TON blockchain remained in the public domain. Commenting on the news about the partnership of the platform with the payment service, Pavel Durov expressed pride that the project continues to develop.

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