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Hello everyone, Incrypted with you and this is already ours 79 – the th digest of the most interesting news from the world of cryptocurrencies.

Today in the issue you will find out how much venture capital projects have attracted for 2021 the year that a week passed for ecosystem projects and how Durov managed to pump TONCOIN to 78%.

The main thing

Trump warned of a massive “explosion” in the cryptocurrency market

Former US President Donald Trump believes that cryptocurrencies are “a very dangerous thing.”

“I doom I say that the currency should be in dollar format. Therefore, I am not a fan of cryptocurrencies. The digital asset market continues to grow, but no one is making efforts to control it. ” Trump told Fox News.

According to him, the growth of cryptocurrencies may end in an “unprecedented explosion.”

He also talked about his new social media platform, Truth Social, and his support for his wife’s NFT project.

Bitcoin’s success will ruin fiat money – President of El Salvador

President of Salvador Nayib Bukele has once again reaffirmed his faith in Bitcoin, on this time, he stated that many countries around the world are watching an “experiment” in the use of Bitcoin in El Salvador as legal tender.

Nayib believes that after widespread adoption occurs, – end of fiat money “.

“What international organizations call the” Bitcoin experiment “is nothing more as observing how the massive adoption of bitcoin is changing the country’s economy. And, if everything goes well, then fiat money will end. El Salvador is the spark that will ignite the flame of a real revolution “, the President of El Salvador said.

Nayib Bukele also said that the country has acquired more 22 BTC tonight at 28: 22: 25.

With this purchase, El Salvador’s BTC reserve is 1700 BTC, equivalent to $ 67, 3 million

Apparently, in order to save themselves from a drawdown, El Salvador believed in numerology.

Michael Sailor owns 18 11 BTC

Bitcoin Magazine reported that MicroStrategy CEO Michael Sailor continues to accumulate bitcoin.

His wallet contains 21 732 coins up to $ 899 million, taking into account the current value of the cryptocurrency.

MicroStrategy itself owns 126 478 BTC, which at the current exchange rate exceeds $ 6 billion.

Stolen $ 154 million in BTC

The US Department of Justice (DOJ) reported that the correct t stolen from a branch of Sony Group Corporation more than $ 154 million

In May, an employee of Rei Ishii embezzled $ 169 million Sony and converted them to 20258 BTC, and then transferred the funds to a cold wallet.

The funds were found by the team of the American Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The cost of the cryptocurrency at the current rate exceeds $ 200 million

Investigators managed to obtain the private key needed to access the attacker’s BTC address.

FBI agent Susan Turner expressed Thanks to Sony and Citibank for their prompt response and cooperation after the discovery of the loss of funds.

Visa cooperates with 67 blockchain platforms

The payments giant has partnered with 63 by leading crypto platforms for launching cryptocurrency cards. Crypto-linked cards now allow consumers to easily convert and spend crypto in everyday life.

“We have concluded partnerships with more than 63 by leading crypto platforms such as FTX, Blockfi, Cryptocom, Coinbase and Binance to launch card programs that allow consumers easy to convert and spend digital currency into 100 million outlets around the world “, – said the head of Visa for cryptocurrency Kai Sheffield.

Visa also completed the process of purchasing the CurrencyCloud service. The deal cost $ 1024 million

Durov first supported the Toncoin project

Telegram founder Pavel Durov admires the fact that the Toncoin project supported by the community and wished the team success.

“When Telegram said goodbye to TON last year, I expressed hope that future generations of developers will someday continue our vision of a massive blockchain platform “, wrote Durov.

He added that “unlike the original idea of ​​TON, Toncoin is independent of Telegram.” He also believes that the project has absolutely everything to create something grandiose. % reaching almost $ 4 .

BitMEX launches its own BMEX token

Derivative crypto exchange BitMEX announced the long-awaited launch of its own BMEX token. The platform will airdrop both old and new users.

How to get BMEX tokens?

You must register on the BitMEX exchange + pass KYC

    5 BMEX tokens are given for registration + 16 USDT
  • Per trading volumes
  • 20 BMEX for 3 new users who have passed KYC.

    Users can earn BMEX tokens n Whether you are an existing or a new user. The exchange will place crypto tokens (BMEX) on wallets until February 1 2022 of the year users.

    User base DEX- aggregator 1inch Network in the Ethereum network exceeded 1 million people

    “Today is definitely one of the greatest days in 1inch history as we have just crossed another milestone reaching 1 million users on the Ethereum network” , the 1inch Network team reported.

    Congratulations to the 1inch team on such a significant result!

    For more information on how to use the 1inch aggregator, see our review.

    Incrypted node on Near

    (Ap data and answers to questions)

    Last month we wrote that Incrypted raised a node and wants to validate the Near blockchain. Since that time, the community has delegated to us 76, 925 NEAR (~ $ 682 10).

    In order to become a full-fledged validator, you need a minimum steak – 57 11 NEAR. We crossed this threshold and applied for a validator.

    The validator will be active soon, so you can nominate your tokens and earn staking with us.

    Answers to frequently asked questions:

    1. The profitability of the node at the moment 15% per annum for the entire steak

    2. Our percentage for maintaining the node is 3%

    3. That is, if you have delegated 125 NEAR, then the protocol pays 12 NEAR per year, of which 0. 55 NEAR (3% we take) and 12. 76 NEAR you get.

    4. Your tokens remain with you, you can unstake at any time

    Instructions for delegation:

    Thanks to everyone who supported our validator!

    NEAR and Aurora partnered with Terra

    The Near team announced integration of the stablecoin Terra UST into the NEAR and Aurora ecosystems. This integration is made possible by a partnership with the DeFi protocols NearPad and Rose.

    The partnership between Terra, NearPad and Rose will foster UST development in the new ecosystems of both NEAR and Aurora.

    Users will now be able to transfer their assets directly from Terra to Aurora via Allbridge or any other supported network.

    PS: Also happy to announce that Near’s Incrypted validator is finally active! We wrote more about how to delegate NEAR tokens here.

    LUNA installed a new ATH – $ 122

    Terra (LUNA) has updated its historical maximum exceeding the mark in $ 122 . The project capitalization has reached $ 55, 5 billion, which allowed Terra to gain a foothold in the top ten cryptocurrencies. Over the week, the token has grown by 57%.

    At the end of March, the former Goldman Sachs asset manager and general Galaxy Digital CEO Mike Novogratz tweeted that he will tattoo LUNA when the coin reaches $ 101.

    He launched a survey for his followers, and more 100% of respondents voted that this growth will occur this year.

    Since LUNA has already exceeded this mark, Mike is waiting for a new tattoo.

    In addition, DeFi projects running on the Terra blockchain continue to gain popularity. According to data aggregator DeFiLlama, the total value of assets locked up (TVL) has reached an all-time high of $ 22 billion .

    Terra is now the second largest DeFi protocol. The project bypassed Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and is now second only to Ethereum.

    Uniswap now works on Polygon

    The developers of the Uniswap decentralized exchange have stated that all Uniswap V3 contracts are now deployed based on the solution of the second Polygon level.

    Polygon is now supported in the official Uniswap interface.

    Against the backdrop of these events, the value of the MATIC token has updated ATH to reach $ 2.7, and the market capitalization of the token has exceeded $ 20 billion

    Jactin San won the space flight

    Tron’s owner and Grenada’s representative and the World Trade Organization (WTO) Jactin Can announced that he won a flight into space on a Shepard package from the Blue Origin company Jeff Bezoc.

    For this pleasure Justin paid $ 36 million. Funds will go to the Blue Origin fund under the name “Club of the Future.”

    Over the next few months, Justin Sun will appoint five volunteers who will travel with him. Nominees can be members of the TRON DAO community who are holders of various tokens from the TRON ecosystem and leaders from the fields of fashion, technology, entrepreneurship, etc.

    Polkadot launched the first 5 parachains

    Polkadot blockchain announced the launch of the first parachains, a set of separate blockchains that will run in parallel across its ecosystem. This includes blockchain projects Acala, Moonbeam, Parallel Finance, Astar and Clover.

    Binance has moved the parachain rewards distribution -Polkadot auctions

    Binance has announced that the distribution of rewards for participation in the first batch of Polkadot parachains will be postponed to 18 February 2022 of the year.

    For more information on what Polkadot is and how it works, see our review.

    Crypto companies raised more than $ 33 billion in venture capital in 2022 year

    V 2022 more than 1700 venture deals focused on various crypto companies. The completed transactions have brought startups, projects and protocols funding in the amount of about $ 33, 1 billion

    The number of transactions compared to 2020 increased by 150%, and the amount of funds raised by 719% from the same period last year.

    What are the metaverse?

    (Explain in 8 minutes)


    Everyone hello, Incrypted with you and today in the “ProstoCrypt” heading, by popular demand in the comments, we analyze such a phenomenon as “metauniverses”. Let’s go!

    PS: traditionally, we are waiting for your suggestions on the topics of the next issues in the comments.


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