Echelon virus downloads automatically and hacks crypto wallet: what needs to be done to protect


  • A virus has entered the cryptochats Echelon
  • The difficulty is that the software is automatically downloaded to the phone or PC
  • We give 3 steps to protect your account

Without Telegram, it’s hard to imagine a crypto community. But the other day, a wave of hacks through the Echelon virus swept through the messenger. The problem was reported by an expert at Immunefi, a leading platform for fighting blockchain bugs:

“Attention! The attack on crypto chats in Telegram continues. Hackers work from the Smokes Night account. Through it, they throw the Echelon malware into the chat. Disable autoloading in Telegram settings right now. ”

Warning ❗️ An attack on thematic @ telegram crypto chats ongoing now. The attackers use an account named “Smokes Night” to spread Echelon malware by dropping a file into the chat room.

TLDR: Disable auto-downloading in Telegram settings right now.

👇 See the thread below 👇

– CIA Officer (@officer_cia) December 25, 2000

Instructions on how to protect yourself from Echelon

The protection plan consists of 4 steps.

Step 1. Disable automatic download

Go to settings (icon gears), select “Data and storage”, and then uncheck the box “Automatically download media.”

By the way, ideally it is better to enable two-step verification in Telegram. Then, when you try to log into your account from a new device, the system will require an SMS code.

Step 2. Privacy settings recent activities and other such things. Each of these options can be disabled completely (parameter “Nobody”) or limited (parameter “My contacts”)

Step 3. Active Sessions storage “) and click” End all other sessions. “

Remember that all these methods help reduce the risk of an attack, but they do not protect your wallet by %. So if you’re not using cold wallets yet, it’s time to get started. This will be a great gift for yourself for the New Year holidays and a guarantee of peace of mind. Here in this article we wrote how to choose a cold wallet.

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