Elon Musk – Person of the Year | STALKER abandons NFT | Digital hryvnia on Stellar

Hello everyone, Incrypted with you and this is already ours 121 – th digest of the most interesting news from the world of cryptocurrencies.

Today in the issue you will find out why the developers of the Stalker game abandoned the idea of ​​NFT, how much the crypto market lost on hacks and how small the crash on Coinmarketcap made all users billionaires .. but not for long.


The US Federal Reserve will keep interest rates, but not for long


The head of the US Federal Reserve announced the regulator’s decision on interest rates. So far, they remain unchanged. However, next year, the department expects their increase, and at least three times in order to combat inflation.

That being said, Jerome Powell remains cautiously optimistic about the overall situation. According to the head of the regulator, next year the US economy is expected to grow within 3%.

As for cryptocurrencies, the chairman does not see them as a real threat to the traditional financial system. However, in doing so, he advocates constant and “proper” regulation of stablecoins and DeFi.

CoinMarketCap crash: everyone became millionaires for an hour

Миллионер на час - Сбой в CoinMarketCap

Bitcoin exchange rate updated ATH and reached $ 853 billion, ETH was able to take the first place in market capitalization having risen in price for day for 1, 43 billion%.

Bitcoin domination decreased to 8% … This is the long-awaited alt season according to Coinmarketcap .

Ukrainian bank uses Stellar to launch digital hryvnia

Е-Гривня Электронная гривня уже в Украине

One of the oldest banks in Ukraine, Taskcombank, together with Global FinTech Bitt, launched a pilot project for the issuance of electronic hryvnia on the Stellar blockchain.

The pilot project will first be tested at payment of salaries in e-hryvnia to employees working on state. service “Diya”, as well as in peer-to-peer and trade payments.

Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine Alexander Bornyakov noted that “This pilot project will serve as a technological base for the issuance of electronic money and will be the next key step towards promoting innovations in payment and financial infrastructure in Ukraine” .

The digital hryvnia will be built in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine on electronic money, the law may come into force in 2022 year.

PS: more about Alexander Bornyakov said this in an interview with Incrypted.

Cryptocurrencies have caught up with the Internet .. 1536 of the year

200 millions of people in the world are already using cryptocurrencies.

In terms of adoption, this number of users is commensurate with the number of Internet users v 1998 year.

Crypto sector has lost $ 12. 1 billion

Crystal Blockchain analysts have prepared a detailed analysis of all hacks and fraudulent activities involving cryptocurrencies for the last 11 years.

Currently $ 3, 19 billion was stolen from security bypass, $ 7, 18 billion was stolen as a result of deception and $ 1, 77 DeFi sector lost billion.

Most cases were recorded in the USA, Great Britain, South Korea, Japan and China

Reddit prepares to go public

Reddit has filed an application with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for an IPO.

It’s no secret that Reddit is actively involved in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. Last week, they revealed plans to expand the ETH-based token reward system, and in November they opened a back-end developer job for their own NFT platform.

Binance Launches New Exchange In Indonesia

Binance в Индонезии
Source: niftygateway.com

Binance has partnered with Indonesia’s largest telecommunications company MDI Venture to launch a new crypto exchange.

The new site will strengthen the position of an international partner in the country.

Binance noted that the deal will serve the purpose of global development of the blockchain industry, both domestically and globally.

“Indonesia’s enormous economic potential and modern technology could take a central position in the blockchain space in Southeast Asia,” said Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao.

Elon Musk named “Person of the Year” by Time magazine

Binance в Индонезии Source: canva.com

“Human 2022 “according to the American Time magazine became billionaire Elon Musk. This was reported on the official website of the publication.

Among the reasons that influenced the choice of the editorial staff, is the entrepreneur’s ability to influence cryptocurrency quotes with his posts on Twitter, as well as the success of the Tesla and SpaceX companies he founded.

This year Musk became the first billionaire in history whose fortune exceeded $ 310 billion

Later this week, Musk announced on Twitter that he would pay more taxes than any American in history. The businessman used this argument in another quarrel with Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren.

The squabble between Musk and the politician arose due to Warren’s sharp criticism of the current US tax legislation. In her opinion, Musk, as well as a number of other businessmen, are simply afraid of losing some of their wealth.

Warren supports the introduction of a “wealth tax”. If this initiative is adopted, then large holders of capital in the United States will have to pay a fee not only on income, but also on assets at their disposal.

“Open your eyes for at least a couple of seconds. I will pay more taxes this year than any other American in history. ” – Elon answered her.

STALKER abandoned the NFT venture

Following criticism from players and industry media, GSC Game World announced that give up the idea of ​​adding NFT to the game.

The dev post on Twitter reads:

“Based on the feedback we received, we made the decision to cancel everything related to NFT in STALKER 2 “

“The interests of our fans and players are the top priority for the team. We make this game for you. If you care, so do we. ”

Last week Ubisoft announced the creation of a new An NFT platform called Ubisoft Quartz. And they also ran into k very negative community reaction.

Nike acquired NFT Studio RTFKT

Сталкер. Source: utahbusiness.com

Company Nike announced the purchase of RTFKT – the most “promoted” manufacturer of virtual sneakers and various collectibles for the metaverse.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

NFT startup RTFKT raised $ 8 million in seed funding this May.

Twitch Co-Founder Launches NFT Marketplace Fractal

Co-founder of Twitch streaming platform Justin Kahn announced the creation of a new gaming NFT marketplace called Fractal on the Solana blockchain.

“I never thought that I would ever become a founder again. Well … I’m back. I’ve spent most of my career connecting games, creators, and players. Twitch is already a big part of the metaverse. Fractal is the next step “, – said Justin Kahn. Robin Chan, Google Drive co-founder David Wurtz and Mike Angell.

More information about the new marketplace can be found here.


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