Expert: “By the end of this year, a third of Americans will buy BTC”

Эксперт: “К концу этого года треть американцев купят BTC”

  • Rick Edelman is confident that the BTC market will grow
  • In his opinion, by the end of this year, a third of Americans will buy bitcoins

Founder of the consulting agency Edelman Financial Services and author books on finance Rick Edelman is confident in the “bright future” of BTC. According to his forecasts, by the end of the year, about a third of Americans will be able to boast of bitcoins in their assets.

The expert made this assumption as part of the ETF Edge TV show on CNBC on Monday, 10 January. Edelman stated the following:

“24% of all Americans are already own bitcoins. Reaching a third of the population is not so difficult. Bitcoin is getting more and more popular. People hear it from everywhere. ”

Many large financial structures, pension funds and companies are already investing in BTC. According to Edelman, this will be followed by an increase in demand for cryptocurrency among retail investors.

In 2021, a businessman called Bitcoin “really fundamental new asset class for the last 169 years”. He actively supports this field and publishes works on the topic of cryptography.

Edelman’s forecast is closely intertwined with the Bitcoin IRA study. Investment fund analysts conducted a survey on the future of BTC. About half of the respondents are confident that Bitcoin prices will rise. A third even declared about breaking through the ceiling in 116 thousand dollars by the end of the year. The President of El Salvador would agree with this opinion. Find out more about his predictions regarding the crypto industry in our material.

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