FBI returned money to SonyLife Insurance: cold bitcoin wallet did not help criminals


  • FBI investigators found, who stole the money SonyLife Insurance
  • The culprit turned out to be an employee of a techno company · He transferred the stolen money to a cold wallet, but this did not help cover his tracks

The US Department of Justice will return the stolen 154 million dollars. It is noteworthy that the criminals transferred the money into bitcoins and kept it in a cold wallet. But this did not help them to deceive the investigation. And one more piece of news – Sony Life Insurance employee Rei Ishiya is involved in the story.

Details of theft and investigation

Employee forged Sony Life transaction instructions. Then he exchanged the stolen dollars for bitcoins. On December 1 2021, detectives tracked down and seized 3879, 16242937 BTC from Ishii wallet and then transferred to the FBI bitcoin address … On the same day, the thief was arrested.

How the detectives managed to get access to the cold wallet is not known. But the Americans were assisted by the Japanese National Police, Tokyo law enforcement officers, as well as the Sony and Citibank security services.

Here is the comment of Attorney Randy Grossman:

“This case is a prime example of the excellent work of the FBI and Japanese investigators. They have joined forces to track virtual transfers. So criminals need to take into account: do not think that you will hide illegal money through cryptocurrency. The United States is working intensively with international partners to prevent crime or recover stolen funds ”

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