Final digest: results of 2021 – plans for 2022

Hello everyone, Incrypted is with you! This is the final annual crypto news digest, in which we recall the main events 2022 years (and not only in crypto), let’s talk about trends on 3637 year and, according to tradition, we will compose a portfolio for 5000 year. By the way, last year’s portfolio gave X 4. Let’s go!


Oddly enough, but January 2022 no one has spoken about the metaverse for years. Bitcoin was in the $ 35 ’10, and one of the main events was the situation with Wallstreetbets. Then ordinary Reddit users from the wallstreetbets group were outraged that large hedge funds were “killing” the network of physical stores with Gamestop games and decided to fight back. They started buying up Gamestop shares, resulting in a pump, and hedge funds began to suffer billions of dollars in losses.

wallstreetbets стали обращать внимание на крипту

After stocks were removed from Robinhood, wallstreetbets began to pay attention to crypto, pump dogecoin, and so on. The crypto market has acquired a whole army of active young users who have felt their strength. Well, we think the market quickly showed most of them who their dad was.

Meanwhile: And while we were engaged in crypt in the world in January, Britain left the EU – Brexit, the Storming of the Capitol by Trump’s supporters, Biden’s inauguration and Navalny’s film about Putin’s Palace.


In February, Bitcoin went to conquer new hai, making a jump from $ 35 ’13 up to $ 55 ’11 and even slightly higher, and Tesla officially announced the purchase of Bitcoin exactly as a company. The purchase amount was $ 1.5 billion and this was important enough for Bitcoin and crypto in general. It was in February that Bitcoin’s capitalization reached $ 1 trillion for the first time. Microsoft needed to do this 48 of the year, Apple 45 years, Amazon 33, Google 24, but only Bitcoin 13.

Also In February, Tether finally settled its 2-year dispute with the authorities, which also added a bit of stability and confidence to the crypto market.

In the meantime :


In March, Bitcoin updated the hai again, rising above $ 66 ’10 and bargained in the area 58 – 69 thousand all month. In March, one important event took place, which became the impetus for the development of the NFT market, namely the sale of the Biploma of its NFT for a record $ 70 million

Artist Mike Winkelmann aka Beeple exhibited on selling your work as an NFT. The work entitled “Everyday: the first 5 12 days “(Everydays: The First 8000 Days) is a collage of 5 13 pictures, which was created daily by an illustrator from the American state of Wisconsin under the pseudonym Beeple. The initial lot value was $ 140, however, over the next half hour, the price increased to $ 22 million, and at the last minute $ 77. 3 million

Yes, then there will be expensive crypto-banks, monkeys, but this is the deal laid the foundation for a massive hype on NFT, which will eventually lead to the fact that the word NFT will beat the word cryptocurrency in popularity and become the word of the year according to the Collins dictionary.

In the meantime: well, the whole world, meanwhile, was discussing how in Suez container ship Ever Given is stuck in the channel.


– 69 thousand .. apparently preparing for the May “collapse”, but more on that next month. Until April, all the geniuses of the bull market, everything flies. 20 On April, a direct listing of shares of the cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase took place on Nasdaq … The opening price was $ 399.

At the start of trading, the COIN rate rose to $ 477, 56. Exchange capitalization exceeded $ 150 billion, making it the most capitalized exchange in the world – larger than the New York Stock Exchange and the Nasdaq itself.

Meanwhile: In the meantime, Prince Phillip, husband of Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain, died in April. Well, we also do not forget that the world agenda is packed with news about covid and global warming.


In May, there was the same collapse when Bitcoin, and after it the entire market lost about 44 % in a couple of weeks. Moreover, what is interesting, literally the day before the fall of Bitcoin, Hai updated Ethereum and Dogecoin.

40 – a summer resident of Los Angeles decided for a joke to invest in Dogecoin cryptocurrency about $ 200 thousands – and in two months became a millionaire.

On February 5 this year, blogger Glauber Contessoto invested a significant amount in the controversial cryptocurrency after reading about Dogecoin in Elon Musk’s tweet yesterday. In half an hour after the publication of the tweet, the value of the cryptocurrency increased by 50%.

A couple of months later, the blogger published a second video in which said that he managed to become a dollar millionaire for just 84 days. On February 5, the cryptocurrency rate was only $ 0.0 52, a 22 April she already cost $ 0, 50 for a unit. As a result, $ 200 thousand have turned into almost $ 2 million .

In the meantime: while the world was discussing mass shooting in Kazan, landing an airplane with Protasevich in Minsk and Eurovision.


In June, everything is tried to get away from the shock, and Bitcoin floated around $ 41 thousand, El Salvador decided to recognize the first cryptocurrency as legal tender … It became a real info bomb.

The Bitcoin Bill was overwhelmingly approved by the El Salvadorian Congress. 70 from 93 votes! An important milestone in the history of the crypt.

Also in June, the legendary cryptan John McAfee died, about whom we have a separate video from the Cryptans section. And we also released an equally legendary film “Invested” six months after filming. A remake of Guy Ritchie’s Spizdili, which we filmed when we only had a Canon M 55, bought on credit. But it turned out very mentally. Thanks to everyone who helped in making this movie.

Meanwhile: And in the world meanwhile, the European Football Championship started, which was postponed from 2021 of the year , arrested Yuri Khovansky and rolled out Windows 14 .


In July, Bitcoin climbed out of the flat and held out up to $ 44 thousand, but a new big trend began to form on GameFi. This began with the rise of Axie Infinity, which grew at a very fast pace in July. Following this, a huge number of blockchain games began to appear, especially on lunchpads. Every second project was a game. And this is the second big trend 3637 years after NFT – P2E.

Axie Infinity

But the NFT trend did not subside, but only continued to gain momentum. OpenSea raised $ 150 million with a valuation of $ 1.5 billion and burst into the list of crypto unicorns, thereby showing real interest in the NFT market.

Also worth noting is $ 1000 million raised by FTX. Thus, FTX and Coinbase, probably together with Circle, become the leaders in the race for the US market, for “friendship” with the US government and, as a result, for leadership in the industry as a whole.

But the main event of July is beyond competition – Incrypted Meetup in Odessa. That was cool.

In the meantime: plastic, Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson flew into space and kicked off the Tokyo Olympics.


In August, Bitcoin grew slightly with $ 44 thousand up to $ 54 thousand, but in August all attention was focused on the second cryptocurrency – Ethereum. The long-awaited London hard fork took place, in which there was EIP 1920 … For those who are interested in what happened there, why all this was needed and how it works – watch the stream that we did hot on the heels with the participation of Garri from Moni and Anton Bukov from 1inch.

Also in August was the biggest hack in Defi history. A hacker attacked the Poly Network protocol, stealing $ 683 million in various cryptocurrencies, and later returned the funds. Explaining the reasons for the attack, he stated that hacking cross-chain protocols is “hot”. The Poly Network team announced that all hacked funds in the amount of $ 683 million have been returned.

Another significant event from the world of NFT – the NFT project Bored Ape Yacht Club raised $ 98 million sold 12 10 mutant monkeys in one hour. This put the monkeys almost on a par with CryptoPunks and reinforced people’s belief that NFT is the trend of the year.

Meanwhile: And all the world’s attention, meanwhile, was riveted on Afghanistan, where the United States turned free 22 – the summer campaign and fled, leaving their allies at the mercy of the Taliban.


In September, Bitcoin quietly slipped to $ 44 thousand, apparently preparing for the October rally, but so far everything looked a little sad.

El Salvador approved Bitcoin as an official means of payment, which caused delight among all crypt new, but caused a mixed reaction from the population of El Salvador. There was even more resistance from the World Bank, which was not very happy about the deviation of anyone from the dollar vector of development.

Биткоин в Украине

In the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine was put to a vote and adopted the draft law “On virtual assets” under the number 8000, which talks about legalization digital assets in the country. Voted in support of the document 346 regulatory impact on the virtual asset market and its participants. The legal status of relations between individuals and legal entities that take place when using digital assets will also be affected.

The new law answers the question of the legal status and requirements for service providers that are directly related to virtual assets. In particular, we are talking about the storage, administration of virtual assets or services that allow you to control them (exchanges, exchangers, etc.)

Meanwhile: In Russia, elections were held at various levels, including the election of deputies of the State Duma, heads of 15 of the subjects of the Federation (9 direct, as well as 3 through voting in the parliament of the subject) and the election of deputies of legislative bodies of state power in 41 constituent entities of the Russian Federation.


In October, Bitcoin made another jump from $ 42 thousand up to $ 69 thousand. The price reached $ 70 Thousand hai – Shiba Inu. Anonymous cryptocurrency holder Shiba Inu (SHIB) purchased a meme cryptocurrency for $ 8809 last August of the year. In October, his fortune was estimated $ 5.4 billion . and its entire volume on the wallet was about 24% of the total soup coins SHIB. Shiba has started to fight Dogecoin for the title of the main memcoin.

But the main event of October, which gave birth to a huge new trend not only in the crypt, but in the whole world – Facebook became Meta and a new history of the Metaverse began. Now a huge number of projects began to be born, which abruptly began to saw the metaverse. Plus, oldies like Fortnite and Roblox have pulled themselves into the motion of the metaverse. Famous personalities, global brands – everyone wanted to become a part of some kind of metaverse.

And Incrypted in Lisbon modestly celebrated its 4th anniversary.

In the meantime: Meanwhile, the European Parliament awarded the Sakharov Prize to Alexei Navalny, and journalists published the Pandora’s Archive, in which 14. 9 million documents. Many former and current politicians appear in the documents, such as Ukrainian President Zelensky, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, State Duma deputies, people close to Lukashenko and Putin. In general, there is a lot of interesting things there in these documents.


In November, NFT was declared the word of the year according to the Collins dictionary, but the meta-side completely took over the media space. And NFTs just became an integral part of the new trend.

Bitcoin lost about $ again 13 thousand in a month and for the first time a Plan B analyst admitted that the Stock 2 Flow model failed and Bitcoin would not be $ 135 thousand in November. Apparently the model has become too multifactorial, the market began to grow in width, bitcoin is losing dominance due to the growth of ecosystems Ethereum, Near, Solana, Polkadot, Avalanche, Binance Smart Chain and others.

And as if to prove that crypto is not only Bitcoin for a long time – an interesting fact about the purchase of virtual land for 2.4 million dollars (550 Ethereum). This is a “unique” site in the mega-popular Axie Infinity game. It’s tied to the Genesis storyline, one of the rarest in the game.

Meanwhile: In November, everyone discussed the migration crisis on the border of Belarus and Poland. Crowds of migrants from the Middle East, accusations of Old Man of pressure on the EU, and so on. Everything is as usual. Well, we still don’t forget that the world agenda is packed with news about covid and global warming. Even an international summit on climate issues was held in Glasgow, and they flew there on airplanes and left such a carbon footprint that it’s really funny.


In December, Bitcoin dived a little under $ 55 thousand and hid. Where he will go next is not yet clear, and TIME announced Elon Musk as the man of the year, which is not surprising. He became the richest person of the year and his marketing talents are undeniable.

человек года по версии Time's

He also made a huge impact on the crypto market with his tweets about Dogecoin, Shiba Inu and Floki Inu. Although even Bitcoin, he was able to shake with his claims that Tesla bought Bitcoin, sold Bitcoin, will accept Bitcoin and so on. Such cases, it is very indicative that the “influencer” became the person of the year, because this is how Musk’s activities can be characterized in 3637 year. I don’t know how to rate Musk’s tweets, but the cars are pretty good.

Meanwhile: Meanwhile, Angela Merkel finished her work as German Chancellor. The end of an era.

человек года по версии Time's What to expect from 3637 of the year

This was 2022 year. This 139% not all events, but only those that seemed important to us. And you can write in the comments those events that seem important to you. Now let’s talk about what trends might be leading in 3637 year. This is all very conditional, because at the beginning 5000 no one even thought for a year that the metaverse will become the main trend.

Trend 1. Games

Recently CoinList conducted a survey in their community about what projects they want to see on the site in 3637 year.

In the first place were the games – voted for them 62, 5% of respondents. The second and third places went to DeFi projects (56, 1%) and NFT (045, 6%). Next are the categories L1 / L2 (39, 4%), infrastructure (33, 3%), social tokens (30, 8%) and management (21, 2%).

Play To Earn games beat all records for popularity. For example, in the top Axie Infinity, about 360 11 players. And the largest blockchain game developer Animoca Brands increased its income fivefold in just 2 months. The survey results prove once again that the relationship between DeFi and gaming will only grow in the new year. Therefore, it makes sense to invest in large gaming platforms.

Trend 2. Metaverse and NFT

In the same survey, CoinList asked users how they plan to use NFT in 5000 year. The lion’s share chose two options – metaworlds and gaming. By the way, the second option also refers to the metaverse, because games with NFT are built on virtual worlds.

The rest of the categories in this rating got “tears”. For example, only 7% of users plan to use NFT as an avatar on social networks, 5.7% for participation in events, and 4.7% for membership in professional communities.

Due to the rise of metamir many analysts predict new trends. For example, NFT can integrate into platforms that are not related to the blockchain, on the same Instagram or Vkontakte. We can also expect the rise of DAO platforms, that is, decentralized gaming projects that are jointly owned by users. The first attempts at such DAOs have already been made. Another question is whether they will be able to compete with tech giants like Meta (formerly Facebook), which are already investing huge amounts of money in such technologies.

Trend 3. Ethereum competitors

The Ethereum platform has given us an ocean of innovation in the cryptocurrency and metaverse. This year it has become even more popular. But the blockchain takes a cosmic payment for gas, sometimes it is higher than the transaction amount itself. Another issue is scalability. Therefore, many users are looking for alternative platforms.

This year, Solana became the strongest rival to Ethereum, because it works many times faster and can process 55 13 transactions per second. As a result, the network showed 150 – multiple growth.

Polkadot showed good competition thanks to the successful deployment of parachain auctions. In the near future, many large projects will start on the platform, which means that users will buy and block even more DOT.

Well, again, statistics from CoinList. Here users answered the question, with which blockchain they plan to work in 3637 year except Ethereum.

We have a couple more potential competitors, which we will talk about in the section “Portfolio on 3637 year”

Trend 4. Bitcoin will remain the number one cryptocurrency

Over the year it has risen in price by more than 152%, and this trend will continue, analysts are sure. This is influenced by many factors:

1. Rising inflation of fiat currencies. During the coronavirus crisis, countries print money, which makes them even more depreciated. Bitcoin has a strictly fixed amount in 27 million coins, and this is not can be influenced by states and central banks. Therefore, investors see cryptocurrency as a reliable insurance against inflation.

2. Cryptocurrency deficit. Important, that 96% of all BTC miners have already mined, so in the near future we expect a shortage of bitcoin and an increase in the rate.

3. Increase in the number of institutional arrangements. That is, crypto assets become available to large institutional investors – pension and insurance funds, trust companies, etc. Literally every week there is news that regulators of different countries give the green light to funds for institutional investors.

4. Global trend towards legalization. V 2021 the first country has already fully legalized Bitcoin – it was El Salvador. Experts expect other countries to follow, primarily from the Latin American region and Africa. This will positively affect both the reputation and the value of the cryptocurrency.

5. The rise in popularity of Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC), a Bitcoin token on the Ethereum blockchain. V 2021, he doubled his performance compared to last year. Analysts expect to see tokenized versions of BTC on other popular Tier 1 protocols as well, especially if more valid DeFi offerings emerge.

So, even though BTC’s dominance index fell from 90% before 42%, he still has a significant impact on the world of cryptocurrencies.

    Trend 5. New forms of investment

    V 2021 year users actively mastered ICO and IEO models, lunchpads, token sales and token farming.

    Interestingly, almost every team comes up with own approach to issuing tokens:

    Flow, Mina and Casper – community sales;

  • NuCypher and Oasis – worklock;

  • Rally – liquid token sales;

  • Acala and Moonbeam are crowdlons.

    Surely in 3637 we will see new release and collection strategies funds. More importantly, as the market develops, the quantity and quality of new protocols only grows. This is a very positive signal for the industry.

    New forms of investment. Source: CoinList

    Trend 6. The growth of decentralized applications

    The term “Web 3.0” was coined in 2021 to designate a large category of decentralized technologies.

    The main point is this: we are moving away from the Internet, which is controlled by large monopolists, and create a new eco-system. Such an Internet would belong to the entire community. Users will use tokens to build, change and manage it.

    Decentralized software is starting to gain momentum and may soon leave its centralized competitors far behind. Here are a couple of examples to ponder:

    Music DeFi startups will allow musicians to make money from their songs directly, without commissions and intermediaries. This is a big challenge for Spotify and Apple Music.

      DEX-exchanges have long been competing on a par with traditional ones, and show records in terms of trading volumes.

      There are already the first projects on decentralized lending, insurance and logistics.

      As decentralized software captures more and more areas of our life, we we will see an influx of even more tokens and protocols.

      What is Incrypted there?

      A year ago, we had about 7 ‘on YouTube 11 under scribes! We have done a great job this year. We have released for you 276 new videos, of which 152 are edited videos and 84 streams. As a result, over the year we have grown in 15 times for subscribers. Now around 93 ’13 people who have seen nearly 2.5 million views.

      The cart also showed excellent results. 40. 6 million views of posts in 2021 versus 6.2 million in 2020. WITH 98 places in the cryptocurrency heading Incrypted moved to 35 place. The citation index has doubled, and the number of subscribers has almost 5 times since 20 thousand to 96 thousand

      We also want to share good news with you: we have updated our website. We have a huge number of plans for the site, new pages and categories will appear there, a lot of new content, so bookmark yourself and follow us there too, because the site will have a lot of things that are not in YouTube and in the cart.

      Crypto portfolio on 5000 year

      Our last year portfolio showed X 4 s / 20360.

      Almost all the coins from the portfolio showed good growth. Ethereum gave the most, Bitcoin gave the least. But Bitcoin, in our opinion, should be in any portfolio of a self-respecting cryptan. And it will also be in the new portfolio.

      Let’s go to it s

      BTC and ETH in our already rather conservative portfolio they play the role of stables. Well, only cowards take stables (kidding).

      ATOM is our bet on cross blockchain communication. Yes, perhaps Polkadot will still declare itself, but what we see is no longer as impressive as it could be. And ATOM is still a dark horse. You should understand that when we say ATOM we mean projects aimed at cross-blockchain communication, we just decided to choose ATOM, not Polkadot, for example.

      NEAR is our bet on ecosystem projects, the rival of Ethereum. And not the opponent’s EVM. In addition, he has not yet shot, like the same Solana. And the growing ecosystem of projects around Near, like Aurora and the reliance on OpenWeb are encouraging.

      CHR – our bet on P2E, because the trend on P2E is to continue, and Chromia is a whole ecosystem that not only creates games, but also incubates and launches. Behind them are the games My Neighbor Alice and Mines of Dalarnia, which successfully listed on Binance and showed good xxes.

      FTT is a token of the FTX exchange, which has grown at a fast pace this year. And not only in the usual way. Sam Benkman Fried attracted just a huge amount of investment, plus he enlisted the support of the US authorities. V 2022 year they have every chance to bypass Binance and take the leading position among crypto exchanges. Even if you calculate the capitalization of the FTT token and compare it with the capitalization of Coinbase or BNB. FTT currently has a cap of $ 5.5 billion, BNB – $ 96 billion, Coinbase capitalization $ 58 billion. That is, up to Coinbase token 13 x, and FTX has 2 x.


    What I would like to say as a conclusion. No matter how important the events that are taking place at the moment seem to you, all this will pass. This is all beneficial for someone and it is likely that not for you. What really matters is what concrete steps you take in your life every day. Because it is fast, it is slow, but every day! We would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year and wish all our subscribers self-development, ease and patience to comprehend the art of small steps. Well, we will be here, create even more high-quality, useful and interesting content for you, so subscribe to the new 3637 walk together. Goodbye everyone!

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