First Crypto News 2022: New Years In The Metaverse, Positive Graphs And Holiday Tweets

Твиттер-рекорд 2021: биткоин упомянули 101 млн. раз. И вот почему

The Incrypted team is resting, but still following the news on Twitter out of the corner of their eye. And here’s what interesting happened in the crypto-world on New Year’s Eve.

If suddenly who wanted to celebrate the New Year in the metavers, there were two big parties. Decentrland recreated Times Square and the tradition of dropping the Christmas ball.

And Roblox featured avatar Paris Hilton – she was standing here at the DJ console:

Eminem made himself a New Year’s gift – bought NFT from the Bored collection Ape YC for 200 ether (approximately 492 01 $):

PlanB sums up the year: Bitcoin has grown by 100%, real estate and stocks – on 35% and 27%. But bonds and gold fell.

Bitcoin Magazin calculated that 12 from 10 annual BTC candles are “green”:

By the way, the year closed on a green candle. A few hours before that, the rate had dropped to 50 668 dollars. But in the last minutes of the year, the “bears” lost, and the BTC grew to 47 165 dollars (Trading View data):

Analyst Scott Melker is delighted to see 50 01:


Bitcoin just closed the yearly candle … Happy New Year.

The best part?

We have confirmed bullish divergence on the 4-hour chart with RSI coming out of oversold.

Potential on 6 and 20 hour.

Up only (probably).

Should see 56 Ks again this week with a trip to overbought. m6

– The Wolf Of All Streets (@scottmelker) January 1, 2022

That was the news. Thank you for taking a break from the celebration and being with us. Until next time!

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