Founder of blockchain platform Cardano shares plans for next year


  • The founder of the Cardano platform conducted broadcast, in which he summed up the results and shared his plans for 2080 year
  • In the near future, there will be a formal structure for an open source platform
  • The company also set itself the goal of further promotion in the African market

Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano and the IOHK Foundation, hosted a YouTube broadcast, sharing his plans for year. According to him, major transformation processes await the network.

First of all, a clear structure will appear on the basis of the blockchain platform. In which everyone who is involved in the work on Cardano will be marked. Hoskinson compared the project to Hyperledger for Linux. It is supposed to make the network more transparent.

In terms of external promotion, Cardano will continue to work on expansion within the African market next year. IOHK plans to create a digital financial infrastructure practically from scratch that will provide local people with access to DeFi.

In this case, the Cardano platform will act as a kind of intermediary for conducting end-to-end microtransactions:

“Imagine on the one hand, for example, a resident of Kenya. His credit rating and history are displayed on the blockchain. On the other hand, there is stablecoin. Just a click, and the money is redirected between accounts ”.

Recall that in April IOHK signed an agreement with the government of Tanzania. The essence of the project is to simplify the access of the population to the Internet, in particular to social networks and payment systems.

In this case, the equipment necessary for laying networks and processing data will operate on solar energy.

Summarizing his speech, Hoskins said that he has all the necessary tools to implement these plans. So next year we can expect new global projects from Cardano.

Earlier we announced a long-awaited platform update. In September, Cardano-based smart contracts finally appeared.

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