Froyo Games: AMA session

AMA with the Froyo Games project – GameFi infrastructure, which will initiate the transformation of gaming ecosystems into metauniverses on the ETH and BSC blockchains.

B at the end of the article, the winners of our AMA Best Questions Contest will be announced.

AMA session with Froyo Games

Incrypted: So let’s start with the traditional, Froyo Games presentation. What is this project about and what problems does it solve?

Froyo Games: We’re here to create a platform for new and old games to help them join the blockchain revolution. We have vast experience in game development, so we will provide developers with the tools they need to bring their game to blockchain – and a platform for players to choose how they want to play their games.

Incrypted: How is the process of transforming game ecosystems into metauniverses and what role does Froyo Games play in this ?

Froyo Games: Froyo is creating a metaverse for more than just one game – we create it for all games that want to join to new technologies. Our experience in the gaming industry will also help us in this.

Incrypted: What is the role of NFT in the Froyo Games ecosystem? And what is the uniqueness of your NFT marketplace?

Froyo Games: It’s simple – NFTs will basically be your in-game items … Your weapons, your skins, and much more.

We are building a Froyo NFT marketplace so that our developers don’t have to spend time building an exchange from scratch, no need to spend hours building and testing. The marketplace is intended both for them – and for gamers. It will be a safe place to trade, buy and sell your hard earned NFTs.

Incrypted: What is Froyo SDK?

Froyo Games:

The Froyo SDK is still in development stage. We design it to be easy to use so that any game developer, whether AAA studio or simply from their own bedroom, can create games and implement blockchain mechanics in them.

Incrypted: Are there any plans to implement networks other than Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum? For example, Near, Avalanche, Terra, which are promising today?

Froyo Games: Right now we are focused on BSC and Ethereum as they are both EVM blockchains. It would be nice to be fully multi-chain, I would gladly transfer our Solana NFTs to Froyo if I could. However, for now we will focus on BSC and Ethereum – but we do not close the doors to other blockchains!

Incrypted: What is the role of the FROYO token on the platform?

Froyo Games: The $ FROYO token has many uses. It will be the main currency in the Froyo NFT market and will also be used in some of our games, which will have a play-to-earn mechanic.

Incrypted: Could you tell us about the long term goals Froyo Games?

Froyo Games: We want to create one of the best gaming platforms, and for this we need to create community. This is why we partner with guilds like Mao Dao. On this solid foundation, we will build a community of great gamers, creators and developers. We will reward outstanding community members with FROYO Tokens to appreciate their work and inspire others to do the same.

Incrypted: Tell us about upcoming events, maybe IDO, sale, etc.

Froyo Games: We can’t tell everything yet, our team is very hard works to ensure that everything is ready by the time of the TGE.

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