Gift ideas for cryptan. Special project “New Year with Incrypted”

New Year’s holidays are approaching. Surely you have a friend who loves cryptocurrency, blockchains, and that’s all. Or maybe you yourself want to “infect” someone with modern trends. Therefore, we have prepared a list of ideas on this topic. So let’s go!

Course tracker

You are annoyed by a friend who endlessly checking cryptocurrency rates on your phone? The tracker can be the perfect gift for him. To do this, you need to buy a separate LED panel and a special application that displays the course in real time on the screen.

Issue price . The simplest device will cost 150 Euro. It only displays the price of the asset. But there are also gadgets with “live” candlestick charts, they are sold at a higher price. For the application, you will need to pay more from $ 20.

Chocolate in the form of bitcoin

Who will refuse sweets for New Year? On Instagram, such a chocolate bar is advertised as a “symbol of prosperity.” Well, a lot of liquidated traders can argue with that. But if your friend is a faithful hodler, he will definitely appreciate such a surprise.

Price of the question: From $ 5

Hardware wallet

Help your cryptans find peace of mind by donating a hardware wallet. This is a cool present for any investor, because he does not store private keys online, but on separate equipment. The best models come from the brands Ledger and Trezor.

Обзор лучших аппаратных кошельков для криптовалюты

Issue price: the simplest Ledger NANO S model costs up to $ 150, the “advanced” Ledger NANO X is twice as expensive.

Gift card with cryptocurrency

Nowadays, giving cryptocurrency to loved ones is easier than you thought. All major brands have already introduced such a service – moreover, the recipient does not even need to have a wallet. Coinbase, CashApp Square, Binance or Robinhood – choose which brand is closer to you.

For example, Binance has referral links attached to gift cards, so you can also earn your profit. Art lovers will love collectible NFT cards. You can choose from different designs and dozens of currencies. And send – even through an e-mail, even a code through any messenger.

P2E character or tokens

Play to Earn games have become an explosive trend, as they both entertain and give a chance to make good money. If your friend loves gambling, but is afraid to try, give him starter tokens.

Price of the issue . Depends on the specific project. For example, in the TOP game Ax Infinity, you need to buy 3 axi tokens, and this is not cheap at all (about $ 604). But there are still untreated projects where it is enough to pay for gas, or tokens cost a couple of dollars.

Merch NFT

Top NFTs are of course worth cosmic amounts … But if you set a goal, you can find niche tokens literally for a penny. Who knows, maybe they will then fly up to the moon, and your collector friend will become fabulously wealthy.