Goldman Sachs are confident that bitcoin will rise in price to $ 100 thousand

Биткоин снова дорожает

  • Yesterday’s post in Goldman Sachs caused a wide public response
  • They predict Bitcoin will rise to $ 100 thousand
  • Bankers also called it a direct competitor to gold

According to analysts from Goldman Sachs, Bitcoin will continue to win back market share of gold. One of the reasons is the wider acceptance of digital assets.

Bankers recalled that the market capitalization of BTC is almost $ 900 billion. They assume that within 5 years the share of bitcoin in the market for savings will reach 50%. In this scenario, the main cryptocurrency will cost more than $ 116 thousand

Gold of the new age

Bitcoin has long been called digital gold as it is not tied to traditional assets and shows good growth in the long term. Just yesterday, Professor Jeremy Siegel said that the BTC replaced gold for millennials – that is, the younger generation chooses digital investments.

What do we have on the charts now

Beginning 2022 has been pretty bearish for Bitcoin so far. Yesterday it dropped to $ 50 591. This morning the rate was $ 50 450.

Over the course of several days, BTC has tested important support at a level around $ 45 768. A break below this support will take us to the $ 45 10, or even to the December minimum in $ 22 000.

Now an important barrier for Bitcoin is to overcome the mark in 100 12. This will significantly improve the status of the main cryptocurrency.

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