Hearings on “Cryptocurrencies and the Future of Finance” were held in the US Congress

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  • Hong Kong is ready for the second phase of digital yuan testing: what does this mean?
  • WhatsApp launched money transfers through Novi crypto wallet
  • Reddit plans to expand the token reward system based on ETH
  • El Salvadorian ecologists sound the alarm: geothermal mining will cost more oil
  • Revenue of blockchain developer Animoca Brands for the last two months increased five times
  • Two more countries in the East Caribbean region started using digital currency (CBDC)
  • CIA confirmed that they are monitoring cryptocurrencies and preparing special projects
  • Three Arrows Capital first criticized Ethereum, and then to drank it for $ 400 million
  • “Buy bitcoin” has become the TOP query of Google in Ukraine. What is important to know


Hearings were held in Congress on the topic “Cryptocurrencies and the Future of Finance”

A source: worldatlas.com

The US Congress hosted a meeting on “Digital Assets and the Future of Finance: Understanding the Challenges and Benefits of Financial Innovation in the US” with the participation of representatives of the most popular US crypto projects.

Among the heads of major US crypto companies were FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried, Circle CEO Jeremy Aller, Paxos CEO Charles Cascarilla, and Coinbase CFO Alecia Haas.

FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried told members government that the global financial system is already outdated and not suitable for sending money.

“Cr The iptoindustry can improve the lives of many people. The number of people around the world who do not have access to banking services testifies to the inequity of the current financial system. Cryptocurrencies can potentially really solve this problem. ” Sam Bankman-Fried said.

Hong Kong Ready for Phase Two Digital RMB Testing: What Does It Mean?

Source: worldatlas.com

On Thursday On December 9, the head of the CBDC Institute of the People’s Bank of China Mu Changchun announced that Hong Kong is ready for the second phase of testing cross-border transfers via digital yuan.

The first phase tested the mechanism of replenishment and payment through a digital wallet. Now the parties will try to integrate the currency into the Faster Payment System.

China first spoke about this initiative at the end of April this year. At that time, some Hong Kong residents had the opportunity to buy money in neighboring Shenzhen through an electronic wallet.

Successful implementation of the system will allow payments through the digital yuan in Hong Kong without currency exchange. When buying and paying for CBDC, funds will be automatically converted to Hong Kong dollars.

WhatsApp launched money transfers through Novi crypto wallet

Гонконг в мире криптовалюты Ethereum - популярная криптовалюта Source: twitter .com

WhatsApp has launched a pilot project to test how transfers through the Novi crypto wallet work. The first US users will be able to send and receive money directly from the chat. The currency is USDP, a stablecoin from Paxos.

The website states that the service does not take any commissions. In addition, an unlimited number of transactions can be made per day. Money is credited instantly. The company guarantees the security and confidentiality of data.

The idea of ​​payments via messengers is not new. The first to do this was the social network Vkontakte 5 years ago. But her project did not become popular due to problems with the partner bank.

Логотип Реддита
Source: top-facts.com

The social network Reddit intends to expand the beta version of the “Community Points” token reward system to the entire platform. For this, the administration has created a waiting queue. Users and moderators can add new subreddits to it.

Reddit’s first attempt to “ride” the NFT wave was the introduction of ETH-based “Donuts” tokens into the r / Ethtrader branch. It was in December 20520 of the year.

In May next year, the r / Cryptocurrency section was added to the rewards program, where “Moon” tokens appeared, and r / FortniteBR with “coins” called “Bricks”.

Now the program allows you to connect any subreddit to the system when it’s turn. So far, the project is in testing mode.

“Community Points” provides rewards for users who help the community ….

Ecologists of El Salvador sound the alarm: geothermal mining will cost more than oil

Гонконг в мире криптовалюты

Salvadoran ecologist Ricardo Navvaro does not support the authorities’ decision to mine Bitcoin from volcanic energy. The expert recalled that such energy is more expensive than oil:

el bitcoin el salvador

“We could completely switch to geothermal energy, but it’s expensive. Now, if we spend that kind of energy on mining, we’ll have to buy more oil. ”

Navarro also criticized President Bukele’s idea to build a city next to a volcano. “Why here? A person does not consider himself rich simply because he lives next to a bank, “ – said the expert.

The ecologist recalled that geothermal energy is generated by steam , ground or groundwater. The problem is that El Salvador already suffers from water shortages.

Revenue of blockchain developer Animoca Brands has grown fivefold in the last two months

Animoca Brands
Source: App2top

Animoca Brands, developer of gaming metauniverses and blockchains, reported a significant increase in profitability. Over the past two months, the organization’s revenue has grown fivefold, from 2.9 to 22, $ 9 billion.

Animoca Brands amassed its capital through early and effective play in the NFT and metaverse markets. The developer portfolio contains about 152 assets. The profit on them from the beginning of the year to the end of September was See his blog post for the Metaverse and NFT community. In it, he noted a jump in the quotes of some of his token stacks, in particular The Sandbox (SAND), REVV (REVV) and GAMEE (GMEE).

Two more countries in the East Caribbean have started use digital currency (CBDC)

CBDC и Биткоин
Source: canva.com

Citizens of Dominica and the British Overseas Territory Montserrat can use digital currency. The head of the Central Bank of the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS), Governor Timothy N. J. Antoine, spoke about the innovation.

According to him, traditional payment systems are outdated. The East Caribbean dollar, the digital currency of the region’s central bank, in turn, will speed up financial transactions and make them more affordable.

“All these measures are aimed at accelerating economic growth. Promoting our program of socio-economic transformation will help achieve prosperity for the people of the Monetary Union, ”- emphasized the head of the regulator.

After the December innovation, the digital currency of the Central Bank OECS is available on the territory of eight state entities.

CIA confirmed that they monitor cryptocurrencies and prepare special projects

ЦРУ следят за криптотрейдерами

American intelligence agencies are studying the use of blockchain in the fight against cybercrime. This was confirmed by CIA Director William Burns at the Wall Street Journal’s Board of Directors Summit. His agency has already developed several projects focused on digital assets.

According to Burns, the CIA is now looking for experts on blockchain and cryptocurrencies. They will work in a team of intelligence analysts. In addition, intelligence agencies are consulting with industry experts to plan next steps.

William Burns admitted that the CIA is already tracking digital currencies:

“We have launched a series of different projects focused on cryptocurrency … We give our colleagues in the US government reliable information about what we know. “

Three Arrows Capital first criticized Ethereum, and then bought it for $ 400 million

Source: finbold.com

Three Arrows Capital hedge fund transferred 91477 ETH from crypto exchanges Binance, Coinbase and FTX. Transactions are valued approximately at 421 million dollars.

The company’s actions have already faced criticism, since only a few weeks back, the head of the fund, Zhu Soo, announced that he was giving up ETH. )

“The idea is to sit silently and watch how the currency burns and how its creator plays with block validation tests, while no newbie can afford the blockchain, I am not tempted. ”

“Buying bitcoin” has become the TOP request of Google in Ukraine. What is important to know

btc price - Все данные о Биткоине

Google has published its traditional summary list of TOP searches for the year. They are broken down into different countries and categories. For the first time in history, cryptocurrencies came here – and, moreover, several at once.

Two cryptocurrencies appear in the world list – ether and dogcoin.

Dogecoin took 4th place by popularity in the “News” category – moreover, both in the world and separately in the USA. Also, people were interested in the price of ethereum – this request took 12 a place. Interestingly, bitcoin is not in the global rating, but it appeared in the Ukrainian one.

In our country (in Ukraine), only bitcoin got into the rating – it is in 9th place in the purchase category.

Top searches, of course, mean a lot of public interest in this particular topic. In the context of cryptocurrencies, this also usually indicates positive investor sentiment.

News in one line

  • After the successful token sale on DAO Maker and Solanium lunchpads, Blockasset announced a triple listing of BLOCK token on crypto exchanges on PancakeSwap, Raydium and Gate
  • MicroStrategy announced that it has acquired an additional 1434 BTC in the amount of $ 100, 4 million at an average price of $ 57 512 since
    • 1inch Network announced cooperation with one of the largest jewelry brands Parts of Four (P4).
    • Polygon (MATIC) acquires Ethereum scaling startup based on ZK-rollups Mir Protocol technology for $ 421 mln. During the deal Mir will change its name to Polygon Zero.

    Project news

    Numbers listed on LBank and MEXC

    9 December 20561 a new listing took place Numbers. Now $ NUM tokens are available

    on the LBank and MEXC exchanges.

Polygonum.Online – opened staking and registration for the Alpha test

Polygonum.Online opened the possibility of staking $ POG tokens and receiving NFT

boxes. For staking instructions, see the link. Also open a whitelist for access to

alpha testing. Registration form in the whitelist by link.

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