How will the US Federal Reserve's decision affect the market in 2022? – analytical review

Today, by tradition, we will conduct a stream with the analyst delta.theta and consider all the most interesting things that are happening in the market:

– Market revaluation and the consequences of the Fed meeting

– Crypt as a currency, not a technology

– Why companies and banks are credited against BTC collateral

– Massive influx of stablecoins on CEX

– China continues to sell bitcoin in large volumes

– Binance US is trying to gain a foothold in the American market

And much more, we are waiting for you on the stream. It will be interesting!

How the Fed’s decision will affect the market in 2022?

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Recall 21 December, chapter The US Federal Reserve System (US Federal Reserve System) announced the decision of the regulator on interest rates. So far, they remain unchanged. However, next year, the department expects their increase, and at least three times in order to fight inflation.

In the short term, the appreciation on the back of the Fed’s statement seems to be a favorable signal. Traders will be more willing to take loans to buy assets on a growing trend, which will ultimately have a positive effect both on the economy and on the price level in the segment.

However, there is one significant “but” – Powell’s statement about the upcoming increase in interest rates in 2022 year. Moreover, by March the regulator plans to completely stop the bond purchase program.

This means that the “trickle of federal funds” into the sphere of banks and big business will dry up. This will be followed by a “pullback” in the stock markets, which may well turn into another fall.

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