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This is a text version of our AMA chatting with Human Protocol – the project provides a distributed marketplace where people can share their reasoning, skills and knowledge to help artificial intelligence get the job done.

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At the end of the article, the winners of our competition for the best questions on AMA will be announced.

AMA session with Human Protocol

Incrypted: Welcome to the Incrypted community! Please introduce yourself, tell us about your background in the industry and in the HUMAN Protocol?

Human (Harjyot Singh ) : I am originally from India, moved to the UK for my education. I founded Provenance Labs, a technology startup focused on fighting disinformation. After the sale of this startup, an investor approached me with a proposal to start a new project – Human Protocol. I am currently serving as Chief Technology Officer for Products, Marketing, Partnerships and Ecosystem Development.

Incrypted: Tell us what is HUMAN Protocol?

Human: The HUMAN Protocol is a software infrastructure that supports the creation of a decentralized marketplace for all types of work. Any kind of human task can be tokenized and exchanged in these markets.

Incrypted : What is HUMAN APP?

Human: The HUMAN app is a way for “performers” to find work, which is on the protocol, and earn (in HMT). We start with simple data labeling tasks like CAPTCHA and more and more will be added as we go on.

Incrypted: What is the advantage of HUMAN over similar projects? Or other protocols?

Human: HUMAN is a “native” multi-chain, and this gives HUMAN an advantage over existing competitors. With the HUMAN application layer that we create, businesses will be able to choose which blockchain they want to interact with. They can choose Ethereum for one thing, Solana for another – and HUMAN will facilitate all cross-chain token transfers and information transfers.

Incrypted: What changes can the HUMAN protocol bring to our lives?

Human: For most people, as the pandemic has shown, traditional work can be quite temporary and we can all have skills that allow us to make money with internet access. HUMAN Protocol and its affiliated marketplaces will provide you with this kind of work based on a person’s unique skills. We will not control how you get paid, how much you get paid, or when you get paid.

Incrypted: In a market with such high demand, when a person wants to apply for a job, how do you determine who will have the highest priority to get that job?

Human: We use a system of reputational experts who consider many factors – your past work, skill set, percentages, etc. to determine who is the best person for a particular task.

Incrypted: Another question from google form: Are people already using the Human Protocol? What is the user experience and feedback received?

Human: Yes, we already have about 200 thousands of users active on the Human App, we also have hCaptcha that uses Human Protocol. All enforced regulations can be verified through third party audits under our contracts. Visit our github.

Incrypted: Artificial intelligence made machines think and drive themselves as people, and most companies have adopted this technology to save costs in the long run. How can companies using human and machine expertise save money?

Human: Currently, artificial intelligence systems are good at specialized intelligence. That is: They are good at performing specific, linear tasks such as GPS, chatbots, or Amazon’s Kiva bot that passes boxes to and from Amazon workers. AI products are already firmly established in our lives – from face unlocking systems on phones to cleaning robots. I think we are ready; i think people are just waiting for products.

Incrypted: Currently time the HMT token is only on Ethereum! But as we know this blockchain currently has a lot of scalability issues! Then what is the main reason for choosing Ethereum?

Human: In terms of go-to-market, developer community activity, and simply the number of projects, Ethereum was, is and will be the gold standard. So our base of operations on ethereum makes sense (we also look forward to v2).

Incrypted: Does HUMAN Protocol plan to develop iOS and Android platforms in the near future?

Human: Our application is Human friendly to mobile devices, although it is a web application. We want our community to actively develop applications that extend the capabilities of the protocol, which is why we launched a program of awards and grants for developers.

Winners competition: @Anakbiskuat 0006, @pim 2000, @ sayuri1, @ Abendr0t, @Capcosmos, @ art1c, @Heisnuts, @zoidberk, @letaguer

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