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Just a couple of years ago, the authorities didn’t even want to talk about cryptocurrencies. But now everything is different: everyone has to reckon with this sphere. Some countries are looking for ways on how to quickly and easily implement digital assets in order to get the maximum profit. Others, on the other hand, block everything possible. One thing is clear: not a single government leaves indifferent this topic. And every event affects the entire cryptoeconomy in the world. Let’s remember the most important victories and failures from politicians this year.

Bitcoin City from the President of El Salvador

The leader of Salvador Naib Bukele became the main generator of good news. He is the only president who remains loyal to Bitcoin in all situations – during ups and downs, during popular protests, and even when his ideas are criticized by other countries.

one. In early autumn, El Salvador made BTC legal and launched a Bitcoin payment app.

2. Then there was a series of protests from the population – citizens were afraid that their salaries and pensions would be depreciated if they were transferred in cryptocurrency.

3. For six months, the country has delivered 200 bitcoin ATMs and 50 offices for converting BTC into dollars.

4. Next year, the construction of “Bitcoin City” will be launched here – a city in which all spheres will accept payments only through cryptocurrency.

5. To finance Bitcoin City, the state will issue government bonds at 6% – by the way, a third of these bonds have already been bought by investors before the start of official trading.

6. On Black Friday, President Bukele replenished the state treasury with cheaper bitcoins.

7. And to consolidate the result, I also bought coins on the “magic date” 21. 12. 2021.

So the head of El Salvador can be given an award as the best crypto enthusiast.

First city tokens and airdrops from American measures

There are two measures in the USA that promote crypto trends are Eric Adams from New York and Francis Suarez from Miami. This year both were elected heads for the first time. Both wanted to get their first salaries in cryptocurrency. And both are launching the world’s first municipal tokens – Miami Coin and NewYorkCityCoin (NYCCoin). And the Mayor of Miami even promised local residents airdrops and staking payments.

Such a friendly rivalry will only benefit. Therefore, we are waiting for further news from these cities.

China Cryptocurrency Lockdown

China has become a black swan for the crypto market this year. First, they completely banned mining in the country, then tightened the screws on crypto-exchanges. And recently, they threaten to strictly control the metaverse and NFT.

In response, Chinese miners are forced to flee abroad, and exchanges are forced to curtail their activities. Experts believe that such factors influenced the fall in the rate of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

USA: a haven for miners, but controversial attacks politicians

The USA has also had a huge impact on the crypto world this year. Here are the most important events of the year:

  • After the ban, miners from China moved to Texas – where they were offered favorable tax rates. So now the US is # 1 in mining.
  • Coinbase was allowed to trade on the Wall Street stock market.
  • Institutional funds were allowed to invest assets in cryptocurrency.
  • More and more large corporations are adopting crypto payments.

At the same time, representatives of the cryptoindustry have reasons for complaints. First, the US is delaying consideration of applications for ETFs that would allow investors to trade assets directly. Also, the authorities go overboard with control and tax rates. Therefore, the heads of crypto exchanges are asked to choose a single regulator (ERC or SEC) and give the business more freedom.

India: we will release our own cryptocurrency, ban all others

India came up with the most mysterious strategy. Initially, they announced the launch of their own stablecoin. Then rumors spread in the media that they would ban all other crypto assets. This provoked panic in local markets. Now journalists have access to departmental correspondence, where new plans appear: the authorities will allow the storage of cryptocurrency, but only on custodian wallets. And only on state-controlled exchanges. Panic is also fueled by the fact that the authorities are not making clear statements. So let’s see what surprises they have in the new year.

South Korea and Barbados: the first in the metaverse

This year every self-respecting brand has bought land in virtual worlds. Two states – South Korea and Barbados – did not stand aside. Officials-avatars will be hosting the reception here, and people from all over the world will be able to attend virtual concerts.

Barbados will use the metaworlds for other purposes – the authorities will open virtual embassies here. Moreover, in several different metaverse so that tourists can travel to different worlds.

Turkey: learned from its mistakes

In September, President Erdogan declared that Turkey is in “a state of war with cryptocurrencies”. This statement led to panic in local communities, and then became a reason for gloating amid the fall in the lira exchange rate.

But by the end of the year, the authorities changed their rhetoric. Just the other day, they announced that they had finished working on a bill that regulates digital currencies. Soon it will go to the parliamentary vote and come into force. Erdogan said that cryptocurrencies will become part of a new economic model. He hopes to bring the country into the “ten largest economies in the world.” Whether it will be possible to implement it – we will see already next year.

So, each country has its own path of development. Someone sees new opportunities in cryptocurrencies, while others are afraid of changes. But it will not be possible to escape from the new realities, no matter how hard the authorities fought.

Incrypted wishes all readers in the new year only positive changes and great opportunities. We love you!

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