“I'm joking myself, I'm laughing myself.” Keanu Reeves became a social media star for an NFT joke


  • Star of the “Matrix” conquered everyone with his infectious laugh
  • He laughed at his own joke about the NFT fashion trend
  • The video immediately went viral

Keanu Reeves couldn’t help laughing during an interview with The Verge. The meeting was timed to coincide with the imminent premiere of the new “Matrix”. The journalist talked to the actor about new trends, technologies and everything connected with it. At some point, the conversation touched on the fashion for non-fungible tokens (NFT).

– They cannot be duplicated. They are invaluable.

– Yes, but they can be recreated. – said the actor and laughed.

The laughter turned out to be really infectious:

The video went viral in a matter of hours. Internet users actively comment and even post memes:

“Keanu’s laugh is all I would like on Christmas “

” Let’s be clear: Keanu himself is PRECIOUS “

” Ready to listen to this laugh on repeat “

“I’ve never seen anyone laugh like that. Keanu is unrealistically cool “

But seriously, the “Matrix” star does not quite correctly interpret the concept of NFT. This technology helps to protect copyrights in the digital world. Why?

Keanu Reeves joked that art objects in NFT can be recreated – that is, take other non-fungible tokens and make a copy of any item. This is true – but according to the same principle, you can make a photocopy of Picasso’s paintings, or, for example, an analogue of the Faberge Egg. But that will not make Picasso’s work less valuable. Or eggs.

NFT is not only a copyright guarantee. Artists use them as an interesting and new way to get from fans to the master (without the involvement of intermediaries). And the results are impressive: for example, in the USA the summer artist made $ 6 million selling digital paintings at an NFT auction.

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