In 3 years we will only meet in the metaverse – says Bill Gates


  • Sector metaverse last time is growing at a tremendous pace
  • Bill Gates is confident that in 2-3 years all business meetings will be held in this format
  • Facebook and Microsoft have already prepared the first base for this

Bill Gates has always had a clear idea of ​​what our future will be like. Not surprisingly, he himself played a key role in making computers a must-have item.

The Microsoft founder recently wrote a final review, Reasons for Optimism After a Tough Year. Here he shares his vision of how our life will change. Gates believes that all office meetings will take place in the metaverse in the near future:

“I predict that in the next 2 For 3 years, virtual meetings will take place not through a two-dimensional camera, but on the metaverse, in a three-dimensional space with digital avatars. Facebook and Microsoft have already presented their concepts for what it will look like. ”

Gates added that Microsoft plans to release a hybrid version of the webcam. It can be used to animate an avatar from the current 2D format.

The world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies is also betting on the metaverse. Recently, such projects have made huge profits. For example, the Sandbox metaverse token started the year at 0, 100 dollar, and now it is trading at about 5, 14 dollar. This means growth by more than 22 08%. And experts from Grayscale have calculated that in the near future, the Web 3.0 metaverse sector will be able to earn up to 1 trillion. dollars a year.

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