Incrypted Daily: Coinbase Launches Open Source Crypto Library

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Today in the digest: The US Department of Justice will create a group to investigate crypto-crimes , Coinbase launches open source crypto library, Bank of Columbia will jointly open up cryptocurrencies to customers, and the long-awaited new issue of Just Crypts.

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DOJ will set up a team to investigate Cryptocurrency Crimes

Минюст США создало группу для расследования крипто преступлений

As part of its anti-corruption strategy, the Biden administration intends to create a new division within the Justice Ministry. Among his main tasks is the investigation and prevention of crimes in the crypto-sphere.

More about this is stated in the program itself, in the section “Attraction to responsibility of persons convicted of corruption ”.

According to it, the United States intends to create a regime for combating money laundering and regulating financial flows. This includes, among other things, collecting data on beneficiaries and front companies.

Coinbase Exchange Launches Open Source Crypto Library

Биржа Coinbase создала открытую библиотеку криптографии

The project was named Kryptology. The creators left its code open so that each user can not only use the content, but also improve the platform.

According to Coinbase, the library aims to build new cryptographic techniques based on existing developments and advances in the industry.

Bank of Columbia together with Gemini will open access to cryptocurrencies for clients

Биржа Coinbase создала открытую библиотеку криптографии

WITH 17 December Gemini cryptocurrency exchange will start working with the largest Colombian bank Bancolombia. Initially, this will allow clients to trade 4 assets: Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), litecoin (LTC), bitcoin cash (BCH), and buy them directly from their bank accounts.

Знаменитый колумбийский банк подписал контракт с Gemini


According to a report published by Grayscale Investments, more than a quarter of surveyed American investors (29%) stated that they already own bitcoin.

In terms of investment planning, most view BTC as an investment, not a currency. Moreover, mainly for a long term.

The report also indicates that the portfolio 100% of respondents are currently in positive territory.

Acceptance of digital assets is observed among all age groups, genders and educational levels.

The first Wikipedia entry is up for auction in NFT format

Source: coindesk

Jimmy Wales, creator of the most popular online encyclopedia, has converted the first version of the site to NFT format. It will be put up for auction at Christie’s. The name of the lot is “The Birth of Wikipedia.”

Wales uses new technologies to create a unique NFT. The winner of the auction will receive the first version of the site that came out 19 January 2021 of the year. By the way, then Wikipedia looked rather modest. It’s just a page that says “Hello, World!”

Запись Википедии выставлена ​​на аукционе в формате NFT Aurora and The Graph announced partnership

Знаменитый колумбийский банк подписал контракт с Gemini

Source: coindesk

Aurora announced a partnership with The Graph to improve data indexing. The collaboration between Aurora and The Graph is another step towards the creation of a decentralized web space (web 3.0). The Graph supports indexing data from various networks, including Ethereum.

” The Graph is one of the pillars of the modern web 3.0 world, and we are delighted that indexed data is now available to Aurora users and developers in a familiar form. ” – said Alex Shevchenko, CEO of Aurora.

What else was important?

DAO Maker announced details of the new Strong Holder Offering (SHO) – Blockasset (BLOCK) .

  • After the successful IDO on the CardStarter platform, which we wrote about earlier, Credefi announced the listing of their CREDI token on the KuCoin exchange.

  • What is Web3?

    Source: coindesk

    Hello everyone, Incrypted is with you! And today, in the “ProstoCrypt” section, by popular demand in the comments, we analyze what Web3 is and why it is so important for the crypto world.

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