Incrypted Daily: Printing Press Failed China Evergrande Group

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Today in the digest: New version of 1inch aggregator when SpaceX launches DOGE-1 to the moon, Chainalysis told how much the number of decentralized exchanges and the opinion of the VISA top manager about NFT has grown.

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Printing press did not help China Evergrande Group


Second n China’s developer China Evergrande Group has once again suspended interest payments to international investors. Bloomberg reported that Evergrande made 2/3 of late payments on its bonds, which could lead to default of the company. in bonds to join them. – 2020 years, but the Central Bank of China for a couple of days, billions of yuan were poured into the financial system through reverse REPO operations.

Against the background of these events, the stock and cryptocurrency markets went into correction. Bitcoin lost more than $ 4870.

1inch Aggregator has released a new version that makes it cheaper than Uniswap

V4 introduces gas optimization that makes the protocol even more profitable than direct use of Uniswap or other decentralized exchanges.

Users will now pay significantly less when exchanging for Uniswap v3 through 1inch gas commissions than for a similar swap made on Uniswap or other dex directly.

In general, swaps with 1inch Router v4 are on average 5.4% cheaper than the same swaps made directly on other DEXs.


As reported by INCRYPTED correspondent Kui Sheffield, head of the cryptocurrency department at Visa, announced a new level of development of virtual currency. He believes the influx of creative users and the rapid growth of the NFT sector have played a major role here.

These are his findings at the Singapore Fintech Festival. The businessman noticed that recently a completely new class of clients has been joining the cryptocurrency. NFTs attract creative people who are interested in music, art, culture, etc.

Первый спутник за деньги Dogecoin совсем скоро полетит на Луну. SpaceX will launch the DOGE-1 satellite at the beginning 2022 of the year



How do you like Elon Musk? Oh, that’s what he invented. Practical application of Dogecoin, and not this is your “scam meme coins.”

Today Elon Musk shared the latest news on how things are going with the launch of DOGE-1. This is the first space mission to be funded with cryptocurrency. INCRYPTED found out the timing and details of the project.

So, the new satellite DOGE-1 will begin to surf the galaxy at the beginning of the year. Under the new partnership, the space project will be supported by two blockchain companies and manufacturer Geometric Energy Corporation (GEC). Thanks to cryptocurrency investments, Musk will create a new unique satellite, Cubesat. This is a miniature artificial device in the shape of a cube. Its task is to collect data from sensors and cameras, and then transfer it to the GEC for analysis.

Первый спутник за деньги Dogecoin совсем скоро полетит на Луну. New York has its own cryptocurrency – NYCCoin


INCRYPTED can’t wait for KievCoin and OdessaCoin to launch.

Today, 11 November, with the blessing of the Mayor of New -Yorka new NYCCoin released. CityCoins, the author of MiamiCoin, worked on its launch. The new cryptocurrency will be based on bitcoins and the Stacks Protocol blockchain solution, which supports smart contracts and coin mining.

By the way, events around NYCCoin were unfolding very quickly.

· On November 2, Eric Adams was elected head of New York. The politician is an avid fan of cryptocurrency. So, immediately after the election, he announced that he wanted to receive his first 3 patches in bitcoins. And in his first interviews he admitted that he dreams of introducing a new subject in schools – crypto literacy.

On November 4, Mayor Eric Adams announced plans to release “CityCoin for New York” as it was already done in Miami.

· 11 On November, CityCoins announced that they have activated NYCCoin mining this week.

Binance officially launched Litecoin and Dogecoin mining pool

As an INCRYPTED correspondent reports, the exchange launched a mining pool combined with Dogecoin by tokens LTC. Litecoin miners will receive DOGE coins as income, mining is carried out using the PPLNS algorithm. The proceeds are sent directly to the wallet, with a zero service commission and no set minimum entry threshold.

The principle of the Binance mining pool is simple – participants deposit their LTC tokens and receive income in proportion to the funds deposited, after setting up the mining configuration in your personal account. For this, a separate account is created on the Binance Pool website. Every day you can track your earnings through a special service. Received coins can be transferred to a spot wallet without commissions. Large clients can apply to open Binance Pool VIP accounts.

Ripple launches new product Liquidity Hub for buying and selling cryptocurrencies

Ripple announces the launch of its own product Liquidity Hub for managing liquidity in BTC, ETH, LTC , ETC, BCH and XRP.

As the correspondent of INCRYPTED reports, the Ripple Liquidity Hub platform will be launched at the beginning unimpeded access to crypto-assets for the corporate sector. Liquidity Hub is designed for large investors, global platforms, OTC tables.

The advantage of using it is low commissions, stable operation and a convenient interface for quickly buying and selling the listed cryptocurrencies. In the future, Ripple will consider other cryptocurrencies, new features, staking support and revenue generation.

Interestingly, Ripple has been using this site for several years for their own needs, so the product has been tested and refined to serve millions of transactions worth billions of dollars. Initially, no more than 169 customers around the world (banks, fintech companies, corporations), and then there will be open access to everyone, but according to certain criteria.

The number of decentralized exchanges increased by 550%

Crypto exchanges are consolidating and winning. DeFi turnover on exchanges increased by 579% during a year! While the number of centralized exchanges is declining.

According to INCRYPTED, a group of researchers from Chainalysis has published a report on the “cryptocurrency landscape”, which clearly shows the rapid increase in DeFi trading volumes on major DEX exchanges.

If in August 2020 of the year the DeFi sector gave $ 40 – 69 billions of turnover, then in 2020 year turnover exceeded $ 315 – 432, the most active month in history was April, for which DeFi-services and products were bought and sold for about $ 800 billions. There is also an obvious trend and almost exponential growth in monthly volumes, the decline occurred in the months immediately after the mining ban in China, when the industry was covered by a wave of falling prices.


      DAO Maker announced SEED details – Kaka Gaming (KAKA).

      • Binance announced 29 – m project on Binance Launchpool – Manchester City Fan Token (CITY) .
      • Erik Balchunas, Bloomberg Senior ETF Analyst, said US cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase may soon add support for Bitcoin ETFs.

    • NFT projects incubator DarePlay announced INO details for Planet Sandbox. More details about the project were written here.

        • The bitcoin price has renewed its historical maximum again reaching the $ 87, 10.

      Kraken analysts believe November may be the most volatile and profitable for Bitcoin.

Tether Operations Limited (“Tether”) announced that Tether (USDT) stablecoins will now be launched on the Avalanche blockchain.

  • Twitter social network launches a special command to work with cryptocurrency and decentralized applications (dApp).

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