Incrypted Daily: Sirin Labs Founder Arrested on Fraud Suspicion

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Today in the digest: Hillary Clinton on cryptocurrencies, what Time magazine is preparing for the newsletter, why Robinhood was criticized by Coinbase, and how the Canadian police managed to arrest the cybercriminal.

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Cryptocurrencies can destabilize entire countries, warns Hillary Clinton

Хиллари Клинтон.

Former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton took a tough walk on cryptocurrencies. The politician said that ultimately they can weaken the states. She recalled that now the world governments are facing new challenges – disinformation and problems with artificial intelligence.

“Another area that I hope governments will start paying more attention to is cryptocurrency growth. Mining and trading new coins looks very interesting and exotic. But it could undermine the currency. May undermine the dollar’s role as a reserve currency and destabilize countries. Perhaps it will start with small problems, but gradually they will increase, “said the former secretary of state.

Time magazine is preparing a special mailing list about the metaverse

It will be free. Incrypted have already subscribed and kept the link for readers

The head of the investment company Mike Novogratz in his tweet confirmed the rumors of cooperation with Time magazine. They will prepare valuable metaverse content to help readers better understand the digital worlds.

As part of the collaboration, Time will have a weekly “Into The Metaverse” newsletter.

Source: foxbusiness. com

The head of the company believes that this is a stupid idea, and there is no point in “creating new names in Washington’s alphabet soup”

Robinhood’s chief attorney Dan Gallagher opposes the creation of a new digital asset regulator. He voiced this position at the Georgetown University Financial Markets conference 20 November. The businessman did not choose his words and dubbed this idea “just stupid.”

Recall that Robinhood is a popular exchange app without commission, and Coinbase is their main competitor. It was Coinbase that proposed the creation of a new regulator in October. This happened after the SEC threatened the exchange with legal action.

Gallagher said at the conference that it makes no sense “to create new names in the alphabet soup of Washington.” The lawyer refers to the fact that in the United States there are already regulators with such powers – the same SEC or CFTC. Therefore, the proposal for a new office is “one of the stupidest ideas in this area.”

Fintech company from the CIS to the top – 69 outstanding startups


Zerion, the leading interface for interaction with DeFi and NFT, made the list 50 Most Prominent Startups according to the American edition of The Information, becoming one of the best projects of the year in the Crypto category.

This year, The Information selected promising startups in five categories: Artificial Intelligence, Media, B2B, Crypto and Consumer Projects. Nominees from The Information 50 – these are projects that can become the most valuable enterprises in their categories, based on their current income, business models and growth prospects. To compile the list, the publication’s reporters consulted with industry sources and compiled previously undisclosed financial information. The list was limited to startups that attracted less 100 millions of dollars of funding or started operations in the last three years.

Meme cryptocurrency Floki Inu became the main sponsor of the Kerala Blasters Indian football team

Команда Zerion.

In a new partnership between Floki Inu and Kerala Blasters, footballers will wear memcoin jerseys. Kerala Blasters FC. It is one of the leading teams in Indian football.

As part of the contract, the Floki Inu logo and website will be featured on the players’ right sleeves throughout the Hero Indian Super League (ISL) tournament.

In addition, advertisements for the FLOKI brand will be broadcast on the stadium screen during all home matches of the club.

Canadian police arrested a resident of Hamilton for stealing $ cryptocurrency 69 million

Канадская полиция арестовала за кражу криптовалюты на $36 миллионов.

Canadian police have arrested a resident Hamilton on suspicion of large-scale theft of cryptocurrency. The total amount of damage is 50 million dollars. The victim was an American, so the investigation was jointly carried out by the FBI, the US Cybercrime Department and Canadian police officers.

The details of the case are reported by the Ontario Police on their official website. In March 2020 of the year, they received a signal about a large theft of cryptocurrency from a private crypto-account. He tricked the cellular provider, duplicated the phone number, and then passed the wallet’s two-factor authentication. As a result, the victim lost his savings for 69 million dollars. This is the largest amount of theft from one person (not from a company).

Sirin Labs founder arrested on suspicion of fraud

Канадская полиция арестовала за кражу криптовалюты на $36 миллионов.

According to Haaretz, Israeli-born crypto entrepreneur Moshe Hogeg was detained on fraud charges. Hogeg has been charged with several crimes, including defrauding investors, large-scale theft of funds, and money laundering.

Seven more suspects were also arrested who were partners with the Hogeg employees. They are charged with misappropriation of large sums and conspiracy to mislead investors in crypto projects. According to a police spokesman, the suspects knew that these projects would never be implemented.


  • PayPal now includes Bitcoin Paying the checkout process for millions of sellers.
  • MonkeyBall announced that IDO will pass 30 November at StarLaunch … Timing, sale details and detailed instructions are in the Meduim post.
      • According to Delphi Digital , income from swaps inside MetaMask exceeded $ 200 million since the beginning of the year, more than double the combined revenue of the two leading protocols Sushiwap and Curve. Metamask charges 0, 1024% for each transaction, which is significantly more than other protocols.
      • The DePocket project we wrote about recently announced IDO details. It will be 2 platforms: 0xBull and DuckDAO.

      • Команда Zerion.

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