Instagram is looking for ways to integrate NFT


  • Instagram analyzes the NFT sphere for effective integration of tokens
  • One of the possible innovations is to mark posts with an offer to sell “coins” as “collectibles”
  • Avatars with a token image may also appear on the platform, as in Twitter

Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri said the platform is looking for new ways to integrate NFTs. So far, we are not talking about practical innovations, but the organization is actively exploring this direction.

Mosseri spoke about the future of Instagram in the field of metaverse in his “story” on his page. In the Q&A section, he stated that NFTs may appear on the platform in the near future.

“I have nothing to announce yet. But I can assure you that we are now actively studying tokens, as well as ways that will make them more accessible to a wide audience, ”the businessman said.

Mosseri recognizes the potential of digital assets and does not intend to pass up the opportunity to implement such a tool based on social media:

“I think this is interesting. In such a place (metaverse) you can play. It’s also one of the ways you can help content authors. ”

It is not yet known exactly how the platform integrates tokens. One option is to tag messages offering digital asset sales as “collectibles”.

Another possible innovation is avatars for token holders depicting digital art. There is a similar function, for example, on Twitter.

It is also possible that the platform will be involved in the global metaverse integration strategy, which Meta (Facebook) has chosen.

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