Italian bank will offer customers to buy and store bitcoin

Итальянский банк Banca Generali запускает сервис торговли биткоинами

  • Italian bank Banca Generali launches bitcoin trading service
  • Banca Generali customers will be able to create a BTC wallet directly from their bank account
  • The service will be launched early this year

More 300 01 Banca Generali clients coming soon will be able to buy and sell BTC without intermediaries. The company will offer to create a digital wallet directly from a bank account. The security of transactions will be ensured by the Multisig digital signature technology.

The application for BTC-trading Conio will serve such operations. By the way, Banca Generali is a shareholder of Conio, two years ago they invested in its development 10 million dollars.

In an interview with reporters, bankers highlighted two advantages of such a service. First, customers will have access to bitcoin trading directly from their familiar banking website and application. And the second plus – the money is credited directly to the client’s account. The client will not need to rely on payment cards or transfer data to third parties.

Crypto industry in Italy

The country is actively interested in digital assets and their implementation. For example, in November, Italy’s central bank Banca d’Italia teamed up with Germany’s Deutsche Bundesbank to jointly develop a CBDC-based settlement system.

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