Jack Dorsey sets up a non-profit legal aid fund for BTC developers

Джек Дорси создает некоммерческий фонд правовой помощи разработчикам BTC

  • Jax Dorsey, Martin White and Alex Morcos create a fund to defend the rights of BTC developers in court
  • The organization will be a non-profit with a staff of volunteers and activists
  • The Foundation will take assume legal protection of developers and their representation
  • The first step will be the claim of the self-proclaimed creator of BTC against individual community members

Former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey plans to provide developers in the Bitcoin ecosystem with solid legal protection. Chaincode Labs co-founder Alex Morkos and academician Martin White will take part in the project. They will enter the ruling council of the foundation.

The main task of this organization is to protect developers from litigation and claims that relate to their activities. Dorsey shared the details in an open email to the community on Twitter.

“Numerous legal proceedings and constant threats have had the desired effect – many developers have chosen to capitulate in the absence of legal support, ”- writes Dorsey.

The organization will include volunteers and lawyers from various fields of law. They will all be employed part-time. So far, the fund does not plan to raise funds, but Dorsey does not deny such a possibility if the council decides.

The organization’s first case will be a lawsuit by self-proclaimed BTC creator Craig Wright against individual BTC developers. His company, Tulip Trading Ltd, demanded access to bitcoin wallets, claiming that they were related to the hacking of the MtGox site in 2021 year.

His representative, agency Ontier LLP, filed claims 10 to developers with a claim to funds allegedly obtained as a result of a hacker attack on the above exchange. Wright also seeks compensation for “ copyright infringement ” in relation to royalty-free technology use. Jack Dorsey, who stepped down as CEO of Twitter last year, is a strong supporter of the BTC community. He not only invests in bitcoin, but is also developing his own project in this segment.

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