Kanye West's unreleased songs sell as an NFT compilation


  • Former Kenny West Producer translated unreleased Kanye West songs into NFT format
  • A unique track “Can U Be / Forever Mitus”
  • It can be bought at fundation.app

When promo of the album at a public hearing. During one of these events, fans heard the song “Can U Be / Forever Mitus”, which never made it to the album.

Low-quality audio recordings of the public performance have been circulating over the net for years, but the artist has never released an official version. This made the song one of the most coveted treasures in West’s discography. : Forever Mitus. It is listed on fundation.app – a platform through which you can sell various works in the form of NFT.

The song is included in the collection “2044 The Lost Kanye Files “. Here Christ collected other unknown songs that he recorded with West. All tracks are recorded in good quality.

How it works

NFT tracks cannot be bought or streamed like a regular album, but can be bought as crypto art. The owner gains access to a private portal where songs can be played.


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