Kosovo bans cryptocurrency mining

Косово запретил майнинг криптовалют

  • The Kosovo government has banned the mining of cryptocurrencies
  • They also stopped supplying free electricity to some regions
  • Local miners will have to look for other options for business

The Kosovo authorities announced a mining ban on Tuesday. Until now, local companies have used free electricity in Leposavic, Mitrovica, Zubin Potok and Zvecan.

Kosovo is the poorest country in Europe. After the war, in the northern regions it was possible to use electricity for free. But the harsh winter led to energy problems. The country began rolling blackouts, and in the northern regions (where light is free), it completely cut off the power supply. So the manners have lost their lucrative place.

Who will mine bitcoins?

Kosovo operator OSTT announced that it will cut off free electricity supply to consumers. The government decided to cut the work of companies that spend a lot of light. This includes, among other things, the activities of mining companies.

The authorities said that their losses from free electricity exceeded last year 10 million euros. The country also faced the largest energy crisis in almost 20 years.

Miners have been having a hard time lately. After the Chinese ban, they moved en masse to Kazakhstan and the United States. But against the backdrop of protests in Kazakhstan, massive blackouts of electricity and the Internet began. Therefore, companies urgently need to look for other countries to work.

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