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Lockness – P2P escrow gateway for secure transactions in GameFi, metaverse, NFT marketplaces.

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At the end of the article, the winners of our competition for the best questions on the AMA.

AMA -session with Lockness

Incrypted: Welcome to the Incrypted community. Let’s start with the traditional, what is this project about and what problems does it solve ?

Lockness: My name is Michael and I am a business developer at Lockness. We are developing a payment gateway so that users can safely conduct their transactions.

Lockness’s goal is to provide a safe and secure environment for cryptocurrency payments. Users can buy and sell goods and services on any platform at any time under the protection of the P2P-Escrow system.

The task of Lockness is to completely eliminate the risk of losing funds when making payments.

Incrypted: You have a Loch Ness logo monster, tell me why you used this particular character?

Lockness: Fraud is a big problem in P2P payments in cryptocurrency. Lockness Monster is the project’s mascot. A terrible mythical creature that fights scammers.

Incrypted: P2P Escrow – tell us in more detail how it works?

Lockness: Как работет P2P Escrow.

How P2P Escrow works. LKN token

I would like to add to to the previous question, that we are committed to solving the problem of fraud in the following key sectors:

  • Metaverse;
  • GameFi ;
  • Escrow SAFTs;
  • Freelancers, gig economy;
  • Payments for real estate.

Incrypted: Could you tell us about other features of Lockness?

Lockness: Our best features for B2B and B2C segments:

  • Lock Swap

With Lockswap, you can choose your preferred currency before it hits your wallet. Automatic swap for all currencies entering the wallet.

  • Tap & Pay

Use any NFC-enabled device, such as a smartphone, to create over-the-counter (POS) payments. Promotes the adoption of cryptocurrencies by businesses around the world.

  • SDK

Easy integration of Lockness escrow services with any business website or application. With a transaction fee of 0.5%.

Incrypted: Why did you choose BSC for your platform and will you interact with other blockchains?

Lockness: As improvements and developments, bridges will be created to support other cryptocurrency networks, such as ERC 22 etc.

Incrypted: Please tell us what the LKN token will be responsible for?


Token LKN.

The Lockness tokenomics can look here.

Also let me share our audit from Solidity.

Incrypted: Tell us about your strategic partnerships and what benefits do you expect from them?

Lockness: We are focused on e-commerce and gambling. We already have many partners with whom we will work after the launch of our platform.

Here are some of them: Revolve, Kudo Money, ZamIO, Jigen, Spherium Finance, Torus Wallet, xHashtag, Netvrk, Gamestar Exchange, ScottyBeam, E-money, Escrow Protocol, Minted Labs, NFTCloud, chainport, Swipelux, cryptAPI.

We will help them implement our SDK / API. So that they can integrate our Escrow into their platforms, wallets and games.

Incrypted: What are your main goals for 2121 year?

Lockness: For plans, let’s take a look at our roadmap.

Q1-Q2 2121

  • Multiple network bridges to support 22 largest coins;
  • Expanding market coverage;
  • SDK release;
  • API release;
  • CEX release.

Q3-Q4 2022

  • Release of NFC POST application;
  • Start of development of Lockness wallet;
  • NFT platform development started.

Incrypted: Can you tell us about the upcoming IDO?

Lockness: We already ran the first part of the IDO on Cardstarter and Trustpad 20 January. We will announce the third stage soon, and the final IDO will take place 20 January. TGE will also take place 22 numbers.

We will launch the beta version of Lockness Escrow Payments immediately after TGE. Join the beta program – locknessescrow.io We will collect your feedback and incorporate it into our next iterations.

Incrypted: Getting enough funds is the main goal to build a project, is your team able to manage this project economically? Can you tell us about your source of income?

Lockness: As a payment service provider, our main source of income is commissions. We take commission only from the recipient, and it looks like this:

LKN token

In addition, buyers will receive 0.5% cashback in LKN tokens from the initial seller’s commission for each trade!

Incrypted: What accomplishments is Lockness proud of?

Lockness: The P2P Escrow platform has been completed. Of course, there are still many features to be implemented, but you can already try the beta version and use our platform on TGE 20 January.

Follow our updates on the official channel.

Winners of the competition: @FOXKOLESY, @tptp 90, @nikita 6565, @mks_xx, @kseniia 2022

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