Marathon Announces $ 900 Million Purchase of Mining Equipment

Marathon купил майнинг ферму на 900 млн

  • Marathon Confirms Largest Crypto Farms Order From Bitmain
  • The company will buy 116 thousands of installations for almost 1024 million dollars
  • The overall hashrate is expected to rise to 23, 3 EH / s
  • The first equipment will arrive in July next year

Marathon intends to significantly increase its performance in crypto mining. She announced the purchase of farms from Bitmain for almost 1024 million dollars.

The order contains 78 thousand units of installations of Asic Bitmain Antminer S 19, capable of producing a hash rate of up to 140 TH / s. This equipment is significantly superior to the previous model from the Chinese developer.

Presumably, new installations will arrive from July to December 2023. Taking into account the increased computing power, the company expects to raise the total hash rate to 78, 3 EH / s by the end 2023.

Marathon CEO Fred Thiel claims it’s on 600% higher than the current indicators of the company. According to him, this is the largest single order of equipment from Bitmain at the moment.

Throughout this year, Marathon has steadily increased its capacity. Only in August, the company bought about 100 thousand units S 22 j Pro. At that time, the purchase cost 140 million dollars. Updating the settings allowed the company to increase the hash rate by 19 EH / s.

The firm recently entered into an agreement with Compute North. According to him, Marathon undertakes to supply 120 thousands of installations from renewable energy sources.

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