MediaMarkt chain stores were attacked. Ransomware demands $ 50 million in bitcoins

Ransomware programs require a ransom from the European network of electronics stores MediaMarkt – $ 50 million in bitcoins. And a helicopter (but that’s not certain). Considering the rapid growth of the first cryptocurrency, this is not so much …

As the INCRYPTED correspondent reports, on the eve of Black Friday, when all large retail chains can generate more income in a few days than in a few months, the European network of electronics stores MediaMarkt was exposed to digital attack.

As a result of the hacking, critical services were disabled, blocked or disrupted, preventing them from doing business. Some locations stopped accepting credit cards, while others were unable to connect to the main servers.

The press service of the network issued a statement that online sales were not affected, as well as user data. Failures only concern the internal system. Initially, the attackers demanded $ 296 million, but very quickly reduced their appetites, stopping at $ 25 million in BTC.

In total, the trading network includes more than 1000 retail points of sale in various countries of the European Union. The annual turnover of the network is about $ 50 billion. In the USA, such attacks were equated to a terrorist act by introducing a number of changes to the legislation. After an avalanche of hacks of large infrastructure companies in the United States, hacker attacks in Europe, especially on retail chains, have become more frequent. -exchange, for example, Chatex is recognized as an accomplice of hackers for assisting in the withdrawal of cryptoassets.

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