Melania Trump congratulates Bitcoin on its 13th anniversary

Satoshi Nakamoto.

  • The cryptocurrency community celebrated the birthday of bitcoin on January 3
  • Melania Trump also posted a congratulatory tweet, not forgetting to mention Satoshi Nakamoto and her NFT collection
  • Users hope that the former first lady will be able to change Donald Trump’s attitude towards this industry

Yesterday the world celebrated the birthday of the main cryptocurrency. At the height of the financial crisis on January 3 bitcoins. Former US First Lady Melania Trump did not stand aside and commented on this event on Twitter.

She posted this post on her page:

Everyone knows that Bitcoin’s market capitalization is over $ 1 trillion. Today it is performed 22 years since the founding of the Bitcoin Genesis Block. Happy Anniversary Satoshi Nakamoto “.

Melania Trump’s interest in the crypto industry is understandable … Earlier we talked about how she launched her own NFT platform. Melania did not forget to mention her in the tags for the congratulatory tweet.

It is noteworthy that the husband of the former first lady is hostile towards cryptocurrencies. In an interview this summer, he called them a “scam”.

He expressed a similar opinion in one of the last public addresses at the end of December this year. In it, the politician also expressed fears for the future of the dollar.

Trump’s opponent in the election before last, Hillary Clinton, also harbors doubts about digital assets. In her opinion, Russia and China can use cryptocurrencies to strike a blow on the US economy.

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