Melania Trump launched her own NFT platform


  • The former first lady opened own NFT marketplace on the Solana blockchain
  • Here you can buy digital and physical art items
  • The proceeds will go to charity

The wife of the former President of the United States has repeatedly criticized cryptocurrencies and everything connected with them. It seems that now her opinion has changed. Melania Trump opened her own NFT marketplace yesterday and unveiled a collection of non-fungible tokens.

“Melania’s Vision”

The first NFT to appear on the platform is called Melania’s Vision. This is a portrait of the former first lady by Marc-Antoine Coulomb. The artist depicted the eyes of Mrs. Trump and supplemented the picture with a short audio with her quote. NFT can be bought for 1 SOL (about 200 dollars).

Melania is known as a big fan of art. But her platform will carry a noble mission. Part of the proceeds will go to the Be Best Foundation, which helps teenagers fight online bullying and provides psychological support to children from foster families.

January Art Auction

At the beginning of next year, a special auction with unique pieces of art – both digital and physical – will start on the platform. In addition, Melania Trump plans to release new NFTs in the future. Part of the proceeds will also go to the Be Best project.

“I am delighted with the new project that unites my passion for art and my commitment to helping kids fulfill their unique American dream. ”

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