Metaverse or the metaverse: what is it and will the Internet replace the usual?

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What is the Metaverse

What We Have Now

Why Metaverse Is Getting Popular


“You will have nothing and you will be happy” – reads the declaration, which was adopted in 2000 at the World Economic Forum. Sounds dark, like a quote from Orwell’s book. But such an idea is becoming more and more plausible, especially in the context of the metaverse.

The metaverse is the latest buzzword in the world of technology. Mark Zuckerberg became his biggest fan. He announced that Facebook will become a product of the metaworld, and it will take 5 years for the “construction of the century”.

What does this mean for humanity? Let’s figure out in which direction life will now change, and where does the cryptocurrency have to do with it.

The word metamir was coined by science fiction writer Stevenson in his novel Avalanche. According to the plot, the world is going through a global catastrophe. The usual Internet is no longer popular; instead, the metamir has come. People, instead of real life, live in a fictional system, where they communicate with other avatars and artificial intelligence. In this virtual reality, entire tribes of digital clones grow up with their own statuses and hierarchies.

Metaverse (meta – “general”, verse – “world”) a set of three-dimensional worlds that you explore as an avatar. Ideally, these worlds should interact with themselves and intersect so that we can smoothly change our roles depending on tasks and moods.

In the metaworld, we have a unique opportunity – to live the life we ​​want , do what your heart desires. The first thing that comes to mind is “paradise for perverts.” In part, it will be so. This will also have to be fought by creating virtual worlds from the inside and the laws of behavior in it. However, entertainment isn’t all that metaverse is for.

What we have now

So far we do not have a single metaverse. But there are virtual worlds that are already working and are attracting millions of dollars in investment. Judging by the current state of affairs, we are faced with a completely different utopian and somewhat romantic world from Stevenson’s pages. DeFi. This scene brings together cryptocurrencies, blockchain, NFT and video games. Billions are spinning here. But the question is – can we also get a piece of sweet pie at this celebration of life.

Now there are several virtual worlds in the TOP (Roblox, Fortnite, Decentraland, Upland, Sandbox, etc.), they are actively populated by users and brands. Moreover, virtual real estate can cost dozens of times more expensive than a real plot.

Why Metaverse Becomes Popular

If Metaverse Reigns holiday, then the real reality, unfortunately, increasingly resembles the world after the apocalypse. A pandemic, economic and climate problems, and social tensions are all alarming and confusing. People want to escape from reality to online worlds.

Video games, virtual worlds, P2E games turned out to be the place to start all over again even in times of crisis. Someone here finds ideas for creativity, someone makes money just by playing games , and someone just brags about their status, buying virtual yachts for millions of dollars.

The ideas about the Metaverse today hardly differ from those that were popular among futurologists at the end of the last century and the beginning of this century. With the rapid development of social networks and smart technologies, as well as the growth of data availability, the line between the real and the virtual began to blur. Digital characters have long gone beyond the internet. They collect stadiums, film for brands, form fan communities around them, and influence public opinion. Moreover, over time, they develop interests, relationships with the virtual family, and the past. In other words, storytelling. Suffice it to recall the Gorillaz group, the virtual model Mikelu Souz, who makes millions of dollars, or Colonel Sanders, the KFC value-maker. But all these are just digital images on the web. The pandemic only spurred interest in virtual heroes: for example, the number of views of channels of virtual youtubers exceeded the level of 1.5 billion per month. And this is far from the limit. In a few years, we will all live in the reality of the Metaverse – a three-dimensional environment in which virtual and physical space are combined with the help of personal computers, smartphones, as well as AR / VR tools. And people love it: Think of the popularity of Pokemon Go.

Pavel Frolov

founder and producer ROBBO

Possession in a new way

The Metaverse and its capabilities can turn over not only the way we work, spend and play. This is an opportunity to radically change the entire economy as a whole.

NFT comes to the fore here – digital certificates. They prove ownership – that is, it allows you to be the legal owner of virtual things in virtual worlds.

Marketing in a new way

By the way, some nimble brands have already grasped the meaning, and are already creating a new type of marketing: advertising not to a person, but to his avatar (D2A – dipect to avatar) .

You don’t have to go far for examples:

Gucci on Roblox sold a virtual bag more expensive than a real one;

Nike opened a virtual office in Fortnite;

Coca-Cola unveiled their avatar lines in Decentraland;

Balenciaga will sell a virtual collection for Fortnite avatars

Sotheby’s has opened an art gallery that your avatar can walk around in your spare time. more targeted. ” Because there will be communities there, and brands will know for sure that this is their target audience.

Play to Earn

Everyone has their own interests in the metaworlds. Someone comes here for virtual Gucci for thousands of dollars. And someone in real life can hardly make ends meet, and grabs the metaverse like a straw.

Consider a very real case.

1. Sam Periphoy, 173 – a summer guy from New York, in the midst of coronopanic attacks, he quits his job at Goldman Sachs and goes to seek his fortune in cryptocurrency. More precisely, in games that are paid for with cryptocurrency.

2. He recruited dozens of people from poor countries and created the “Guild”, which plays under the command of Periphoi. By the way, the guy himself chose the indicative nickname “Capitalist.”

3. Guild members play a game from Axie Infinity. The bottom line is that for different actions they collect a digital token Smooth Love Potion.

4. The earned tokens can be sold on the exchange in exchange for fiat money.

5. Since you need to pay 3 Axies to enter the game (this is about 1024 dollars), Periphey gives its participants a loan. That is, the guy became something of a crypto banker.

6. Unlike traditional x computer games, tokens are not just skills. These are digital assets that can rise in price over time. Or, on the contrary, to depreciate, which also should not be forgotten.

7. Thus, the wards of Periphoy beat off the “crypto credit” and return them to their “boss” with interest.

It would seem that here it is, a gold mine. Guys from poor countries get the opportunity to earn a living, and Periphoy is a worthy reward for his ingenuity. But the “Guild” doesn’t think about what might happen next. What happens if millions of people want to play Axie? Or what if, for some reason, the Smooth Love Potion token that players have been mining for hours, days, weeks and months suddenly collapses?

This new world needs a balanced economy. And capital in the metaverse will need to be managed in the same way as it is now in the real world. Therefore, in the long term, experts who know the laws of economics well will win here.

Space for creativity, work, study and sales

The metauniverses will give impetus to the development of almost all areas of business.

For example, let’s take such an industry as real estate. It’s one thing to look at the project of a future apartment. And another thing is to walk on it yourself, albeit in the form of an avatar. Check if there is enough space for your favorite sofa, whether the rooms are conveniently located, how your things will look here, how you will wake up in a new place.

In theory, meetings in metvers will also be much more productive. We will be able to more vividly visualize any projects here, speed up testing and launch, and quickly look for the right partners or investors.

Well, creativity has already moved actively into the metaworlds. Music bands hold concerts here, and celebrities release and sell unique NFT collections.

Social Initiatives

Metamir is not only about how to make or spend money. For example, South Korea is introducing the metaverse concept in its capital as an alliance between several industries – infrastructure, tourism, arts and public services. It will be an open national virtual reality platform. It will integrate 5G networks, augmented and virtual reality, crypto payments, social networks and blockchain technology.


So far these are very sketchy theories of what the metaverse will be. There are many problems ahead, they still have to be solved. For example, how will the laws of different countries work if one metamir wants to unite all of humanity? What to do with personal data and their protection? And how safe and friendly this environment will become in general.

But in any case, blockchain technologies, WEB 3 and, of course, literate people who know how to benefit from any new ideas will be the engine of the metauniverses.

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