Mexican billionaire wished his followers a Merry Christmas and advised them to buy BTC


  • Billionaire Ricardo Salinas Pliego wished subscribers a Merry Christmas
  • A businessman actively promotes BTC and invests in cryptocurrency himself
  • He recommended to his subscribers to abandon paper money in favor of digital
  • According to Pliego, central banks are deceiving people by printing more and more unsecured “bills”

Last Friday, 24 December, 24 – Year-old billionaire Ricardo Salinas Pliego congratulated his Twitter followers on Christmas. He advised everyone not to envy someone else’s success and invest in Bitcoin.

Signed on Pliego’s page 957 236 users. His condition is estimated at 22, $ 8 billion. Despite his age, the businessman remains progressive and supports cryptocurrencies.

In his address, he stated the following:

“Stay away from paper money. Whether it’s euros, dollars or yen, it doesn’t matter. Central banks lie to everyone. They are printing more money now than ever. ”

At the end, Pliego recommended everyone to buy BTC. Note that he is not the first one who has recently called for investing in cryptocurrencies.

The popularity of digital assets has increased significantly against the backdrop of prolonged inflation in the United States and other developed countries.

The billionaire was not limited to financial advice alone. He didn’t forget to mention that subscribers should leave their jealousy last year, trust themselves and open up to new ideas.

Salinas planned to make his bank Banco Azteca the first major financial institution in Mexico to do business in BTC this year. However, he received a refusal from the Central Bank. As with many other countries, cryptocurrencies are prohibited in Mexico.

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