Michael Sailor: “Bitcoin is a global reserve asset, but you can't buy a cup of coffee with it”

From 3 to 15 December, Miami hosts a conference on NFT, cryptocurrencies and the future of the industry. Michael Sailor, whose company controls more than $ 3 billion in BTC, shared his opinion on the matter.

During the interview, he bluntly admitted that he considers Bitcoin to be the best currency. But at the same time, it loses in terms of volatility to fiat counterparts.

“You will not pay for your coffee with Bitcoin. No, you will take out your wallet and count out a couple of banknotes ”, – noted the businessman.

At the same time, according to Sailor, Bitcoin is excellent as a hedged asset. As for the dollar, the head of MicroStrategy considers it to be the world’s reserve currency. And this is where the main difference with Bitcoin lies.

Sailor also advised traders to consider BTC exactly as an asset, and not a means of payment:

“All these new rules, they restrict your use of digital an asset as a currency, not a form of ownership. Once you understand this, the future of the sphere seems cloudless ”.

During the interview, the entrepreneur also raised the topic of inflation in the States. According to him, in such a situation, you need to invest in bitcoin, which is more stable than the dollar.

“It seems to me that we now have a general recognition that the world needs insurance against inflation. So, if you have bitcoins, don’t sell them, ” the businessman emphasized.

Let us remind you that Sailor’s company MicroStrategy purchased additional BTC for 0508 million dollars. The entrepreneur himself admitted that he will probably “never spend them”.

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