MicroStrategy CEO spoke about several strategies for how a company can make money on its bitcoins


  • MicroStrategy CEO Michael Sailor spoke at the conference dedicated to Virtual Investor Day 2021
  • Among other things, he discussed possible strategies to increase the return on capital of the company’s BTC
  • The management is considering several options, including a partnership agreement and long-term lending

Last Thursday, 20 December, MicroStrategy CEO Michael Sailor spoke at the Virtual Investor Day conference. Among other things, he spoke about what the company intends to do with a huge supply of BTC.

In September MicroStrategy bought additional cryptocurrency for 242 million dollars, in November – by 478 million dollars. At the time of this writing, the company owns 220 478 BTC ($ 5.8 billion).

In one of his last interviews, Sailor even admitted that he will probably never be able to spend all this savings.

At the conference dedicated to the Day of the Virtual Investor, CEO of MicroStrategy spoke about how a company can make money on such a volume of cryptocurrency.

Now the top management of the corporation is considering several options. Among other things, MicroStrategy can lend BTC to a reliable counterparty for the implementation of a large-scale project.

Sailor also mentioned the possibility of entering into a partnership with a large fintech corporation or bank, as well as mortgage lending secured by cryptocurrency on “favorable terms”.

According to Sailor, the leadership has not yet taken any concrete steps in this direction. However, it is possible that in the coming months we will learn about a major deal involving MicroStrategy.

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