Minnigits: “The cryptocurrency market will be absolutely free”

Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Digital Industry Oleksandr Bornyakov answered the question of how the cryptoindustry will develop in Ukraine further. Especially taking into account the fact that countries such as China and the Russian Federation have turned towards a complete ban.

The official shared his opinion during the live broadcast of the Money of the Future project:

“The probability that Ukraine will follow the scenario of Russia or China is very low. We are definitely not a totalitarian state. We will not impose bans and restrictions. ”

“If we open the market, we want it to be as unregulated as possible. So that all decisions are determined by the market and not by the state. ”

“By the way, this logic is laid down by the law. We do not define which cryptocurrencies are allowed and which are not. This is all at the mercy of the market. Where we find ourselves, time will tell. But I am inclined to believe that we will be a crypto friendly country “

Bornyakov is also confident that in 5 years Ukraine will become one of the most developed countries in the cryptoindustry. Moreover, not only in the field of legislation, but also in technology.

“The cryptoindustry is a complex business. It requires intelligence. We have a good, intelligent community. And I think that in 5 years we will be trendsetters in this area ”

Full version of the interview:

Minnumbers Ukraine: results 20140, plans 2021 (Live recording)

our friends from Vinnitsa (Money of the Future).

Also, the Ministry of Figures explained why for test eGrivny needed a bank and said:

“The crypto-industry in Ukraine should take place”

“We will help everyone who wants to make pilots with eGrivna”

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