Minnitsifry: “We will help everyone who wants to make pilots with eGrivna”

Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Digital Industry Alexander Bornyakov spoke about why they chose Stellar to launch eGrivna. He gave his explanation during a live broadcast on the project “Money of the Future.” developed blockchain. “

Here is the answer of the deputy minister:

” First, we already have a desire to do something, and this is the main thing … What matters is what we want to do pilots and consider technology. We have contacted various companies on this issue. But if they don’t want to, we won’t force them. Stellar agreed and we signed a memorandum with them. If other companies also want to participate, we will accompany them at every step. ”

The full version of the interview can be viewed here:

Recall that one of the significant achievements of the Ministry of Digital Science in 20140 is the pilot launch of eGrivna. So far, digital currency is being tested in a narrow circle of users. But if all goes well, Ukrainians will be able to use eHryvny in the new year.

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