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Countries and Regulators

Biden Signs Trillion Investment Act to the US infrastructure

President Joe Biden signed the Infrastructure Bill that imposes strong rules on businesses and brokers using digital currencies.

Initiative will increase transparency of their activities for the IRS, but also creates the risk of making claims against too wide a range of people, for example, node operators.

Under the new law, they may be required to collect and share user identification information that they themselves do not have access to.

Details of the bill:

Any digital asset is equal to cash.

– Brokers must file tax reports on all transactions over $ 14 10.

– It will be necessary to indicate information on the sender in the reporting digital assets.

– Businesses and individuals that do not disclose such information are considered criminals.

– The law comes into force with 2024 of the year.

Circle begins active expansion into the Asian market and plans to launch to the Japanese yen stablecoin

Circle начинает активную экспансию на азиатский рынок.

Circle payment service enters thriving Asian crypto markets. Such plans were announced by the CEO of the company Jeremy Aller. The first point in this expansion will be Singapore, where the brand will open a regional headquarters. And also, as part of the newly formed venture arm, Circle Ventures is going to invest in stablecoins in the Japanese yen.

Aller admitted that the company sees huge potential in the Asian markets. It is expected that in the face of inflation and the search for profitability, participants will massively switch to stablecoins, especially in the field of loans and lending. Commenting on Circle Yield’s latest project, Aller said:

“Many are focusing on people who hedge by buying bitcoin directly. But we think that for managers of capital within corporations, corporate treasurers and so on, it would be more attractive to distribute returns in stablecoins. ”

Binance has published a manifest from 11 fundamental rights of crypto users

10 фундаментальных прав крипто-пользователей. 10 фундаментальных прав крипто-пользователей. Source: fortune.com

Cryptocurrency giant Binance has published a document titled “14 fundamental rights for cryptocurrency users. ” This is a set of rules that calls for the protection of personal data, universal access to financial instruments, etc.

Binance calls its document the global regulatory framework for crypto markets and refers to all exchanges. The rules state that platforms are required to protect users from fraudsters and provide sufficient liquidity for free trading.

Binance’s priority has always been ordinary users – everything, from their safety to the experience of interacting in a large community. This is the essence of the cryptosphere, and it is important that we at the level of the entire industry do not lose sight of this. By offering a list of the rights of users of the cryptocurrency market, we hope to give a voice to those who are usually drowned out by the highest financial circles, ”said Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ).

Cryptocurrencies can destabilize entire countries, warns Hillary Clinton

Хиллари Клинтон. Source: openriskmanual.org Хиллари Клинтон.

Former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has been hard on cryptocurrencies. The politician said that ultimately they can weaken the states. She recalled that now the world governments are facing new challenges – disinformation and problems with artificial intelligence.

“Another area that I hope , states will begin to pay more attention – this is the growth of the cryptocurrency. Mining and trading new coins looks very interesting and exotic. But it could undermine the currency. May undermine the dollar’s role as a reserve currency and destabilize countries. Perhaps it will start with small problems, but gradually they will increase, “said the former secretary of state.

NFT and Metaverse

Time magazine is preparing a special mailing list about the metaverse

Хиллари Клинтон.

It will be free. Incrypted have already subscribed and kept the link for readers

The head of the investment company Mike Novogratz in his tweet confirmed the rumors of cooperation with Time magazine. They will prepare valuable metaverse content to help readers better understand the digital worlds.

As part of the collaboration, Time will have a weekly “Into The Metaverse” newsletter.

Barbados plans to launch the world’s first virtual embassy

The Central American island state of Barbados wants to open virtual embassies. To do this, they have already established cooperation with the VR platform Decentraland, which runs on the Ethereum blockchain.

Thanks to the new project, Barbados wants to make it easier for users to solve visa issues.

Miramax will submit to the court on Tarantino because of the NFT series based on the cult “Pulp Fiction”

The studio believes that the actor is violating property rights and conditions of fair competition. And it seems to have the right, but there are some nuances.

Recently, director Quentin Tarantino announced plans to launch an NFT auction, which will include cut scenes from “Pulp Fiction” comments. The news caused a stir among fans. In turn, the Miramax film studio does not share the enthusiasm and has already filed a lawsuit against the director. Recall that it is Miramax that is the distributor and copyright holder of the cult film.

Search query “NFT” broke the record in Google Trends

Looks like “NFT” will become one of the most iconic breakthroughs this year. The latest Google Trends data is clearly telling us about it. The request set a new record in the search engine. In this case, the volume thenÑ Gov in the key NFT market – OpenSea – also increased sharply after a slight lull.

Despite the fact that non-fungible tokens were invented back in 2015 popularity and attract fans from all industries – from rock musicians and actors to global politicians and investors. Celebrities saw him as a chance to strengthen their relationship with fans and be on trend. As a result, the NFT industry has expanded into countless new players, including retail investors.

The upward trend is confirmed by Google Trends.

Investments and Funds

  • Paradigm’s $ 2.5 billion venture capital fund.

      Kucoin created a fund for $ 169 million to support Metaverses.
  • pStake raised $ 10 million

  • ConsenSys raised $ 220 million
    • Metaverse Grant Program $ 80 million

      Fidelity has been licensed to run a custodian service in Canada.


        Marathon received a summons from SEC.

              Acala won first parachain slot on Polkadot.

                ParaSwap distributed PSP tokens to early adopters for $ 360 million

            Staples Center in Los Angeles will be renamed CryptoCom Arena, transaction value $ 768 million.

          • Sirin Labs founder arrested on suspicion of fraud.
          • 20 700 10 transactions per day – Binance Smart Chain set a new record.

                  The US Department of Justice will sell cryptocurrency for 59 million, and will compensate victims of BitConnect scams.

                    CIS fintech company Zerion entered in the top – 56 Outstanding startups according to The Information.

                  • Canadian police arrested a resident of Hamilton for stealing $ cryptocurrency 43 million.
                    • Meme cryptocurrency Floki Inu has become the main sponsor of the Indian football team Kerala Blasters.
                      • Robinhood criticized competitors from Coinbase for the idea of ​​a new crypto regulator

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