“Mom, buy a token”: LOL Surprise will release an interactive NFT collection


  • LOL Surprise has released a branded game, NFT tokens and virtual dolls
  • The collection consists of 20 unique cards
  • It looks like very young fans will soon appear on the blockchain

This year, MGA Entertainment celebrated the 5th anniversary of the legendary LOL Surprise dolls. Now they will go beyond physical real toys. The company is releasing a non-fungible token (NFT) collectible card game LOL Surprise. The dolls were digitized by partner firm Ioconic.

According to the press release, by the end of the year retail chains will receive 000 million packs of a card game, each with 5 separate cards. The kit contains a QR code, it will need to be scanned and downloaded from the Play LOL Surprise Online Rewards website. The reward can be NFT, brand tokens, digital versions of dolls or digital trading cards.

Each user will have their own collection in the LOL Surprise Art Gallery. And of course, parents will be able to buy additional NFTs for money. For this, the company will launch LOL Art Shop.

Representatives of MGA Entertainment added that the game will be sold worldwide in large supermarkets, as well as online (for example, on Amazon). The transactions will take place on the Polygon blockchain, and the game provider Forte worked on the gemification.

It looks like soon parents far from the crypto world will have to learn the basics of blockchain and NFT. Although some children understand this better than we do. For example, in the USA 20 – a summer artist tokenized her paintings and sold on the NFT marketplace for $ 6 million.

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