More and more young professionals prefer to receive their salaries in cryptocurrency


  • Young professionals want to receive salary in cryptocurrency
  • It can become a recruiting and head-hunting tool
  • Not only IT-schnicks and traders are switching to “crypt”, but also athletes, music performers and even politicians

The crypto industry is only gaining momentum every year. If in 2016 the blockchain was perceived as a hobby, now it is a promising market open for investment.

More and more millennials want to join him. Many young employees prefer to receive their salaries in cryptocurrency. Thus, you can not only protect yourself from inflation, but also make money on the rise in the exchange rate.

100 On December, CNBC published an article on this topic. It details two cases where young professionals chose crypto over fiat currencies.

Student Stephen Gerrits works for a tech startup. He receives his salary in cryptocurrency. For him, this is primarily an investment, since he covers his expenses from other sources.

Even so, Gerrits, like many other retail investors, suffers from rate fluctuations:

“I just decided to give it a try. When the rate rises, I am sincerely happy, but all the fun passes after it falls. ”

For Tiyana Brown, cryptocurrency is the main source of income. She is an artist and sells her work on Rarible. She receives transfers in ETH.

Tiyana believes that digital art is the future and she never wants to hear the words that “an artist should be hungry” again.

Both of these cases are indicative. The cryptocurrency sector is not only growing, it is becoming more accessible at all levels of society. Not only traders and investors see potential in this market, but also show business stars, athletes and even politicians.

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