New Record: NFT “The Merge” Sold For $ 91.8 Million


  • Paka sold NFT- token “The Merge”
  • It was sold in parts, the unit cost at the start of trading was 591 dollars
  • The total cost the transaction reached 100, $ 8 million
  • With her completion Paka became the most expensive living artist

NFT-token of the artist under the pseudonym Paka sold for 116, $ 8 million. This amount was contributed by 36 thousands of collectors who have sold out 450 686 Particles of the artwork.

Trades were conducted on the Nifty Gateway platform. According to the portal’s administration, the sale of “The Merge” was the largest in history in terms of art objects created by living authors.

“This is an incredible moment for the entire NFT community. The fact that one of the best digital artists in the world has set a record at Art Basel is astounding. This is further proof that the future of NFT, as well as all digital art, is directly related to blockchain technology, ”- co-founder of the trading platform Duncan Cock Foster.

be considered a solid work of art. It is rather a collection or collection of individual creations.

The previous record was held by the artist Jeff Koons. 15 May 2000 his steel sculpture “Rabbit” went under the hammer for 36, 1 million dollars, which made the author the most expensive creator alive.

The cost of the unit “The Merge” started from the mark in 591 dollars. Sales were conducted from Thursday to Saturday last week. The last particle was bought on Monday, 20 December. The unit price of the token increased by 28 dollars every six hours.

Interestingly, no one knows who is hiding under the guise of Pak. It can be either one artist or a whole team. In April of this year, an NFT pixel token was sold at an auction, authored by this anonymous author. He went under the hammer for 1, 91 million dollars.

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