NFT CryptoPunk # 4156 Sold for Record Amount

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  • Startup for “Play-to-Earn” collected $ 6.6 million investment
  • A police officer who mined bitcoins right at work, fired from the authorities
  • Florida will accept state duty in cryptocurrencies
  • Ubisoft will abandon the idea of ​​NFT ? Gamers boycotted the network
  • 12 – the summer artist earned $ 6 million on the NFT marketplace.
  • Kolomoisky bought cheap electricity and mined cryptocurrency at his factory
  • Brazil plans to abolish taxes for green miners


CryptoPunk # 2500 sold for a record $ 10 million

An unknown user purchased a rare CryptoPunk for 2022 ETH, which is equivalent to $ 12 , 2 million on the CryptoPunk Larva Lab marketplace.

The punk sold was numbered 4156. This is a rare Ape Punk.

The user immediately put it up for sale for 4156 ETH ($ 19 million).

Startup for Play-to-Earn raised $ 6.6 million in investments

Rainmakers Games - Стартап для «Play-to-Earn» собрал 6,6 млн
Rainmakers Games - Стартап для «Play-to-Earn» собрал 6,6 млн

The sensational game Axie Infinity has shown the potential of Play-to-Earn games in which people can earn and have fun. Crypto startup Rainmaker Games is preparing a new platform for them. It will help players to unite in guilds faster and manage assets easier.

An initial round of funding took place the other day, and the company managed to raise $ 6.5 million. The sponsors are major game developers – Animoca Brands and Alameda Research. By the way, Animoca Brands has the opportunity to invest – just yesterday they reported that their income from games increased fivefold.

This will be a platform for Play-to-Earn, in which we will look for potential players to create guilds. There will be tools for recruiting and managing “wards.”

Guilds for such games are already a proven practice. The fact is that in many Play-to-Earn you need capital to start. For example, to purchase the first pet in Axie Infinity, you need to buy 3 axi tokens (and this is about 579 dollars).

The police officer who mined bitcoins right at work was fired from the authorities

Полиция тоже криптомайнеры
A source :

In Saratov, an investigation was completed against a traffic police officer who was engaged in bitcoin mining right at the workplace. The amount of damage is 300 thousand rubles (almost 4 thousand dollars). Now his case has been sent to court.

A police officer mined cryptocurrency for six months, for this he used a utility room in the traffic police department. Management noticed something was wrong when high electricity bills began to come in. It turned out that in six months the employee spent electricity on 300 thousand rubles.

Now the judges will take care of the case. According to the law, a would-be policeman faces imprisonment for up to 4 years.

Florida will accept state duty in cryptocurrencies

Rainmakers Games - Стартап для «Play-to-Earn» собрал 6,6 млн

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has shared plans for 2022 year. There will be a number of cryptocurrency innovations. In particular, the official suggested that local enterprises pay state duties in bitcoins. This program is already included in the city budget. The authorities will also launch pilot projects to test the blockchain in the registration of auto and medical care.

This is another step on the path of Florida’s attempts to increase the number of bitcoin investors. This year, the region has attracted new entrepreneurs and companies in this area. For example, in Miami, the basketball stadium was renamed FTX Arena, since the famous FTX exchange signed a contract with it.

The Florida governor has many associates. Among them is the famous crypto enthusiast, Mayor of Miami Francis Suarez. At the beginning of the year, he suggested that the city integrate bitcoin into the city’s infrastructure.

Will Ubisoft give up the NFT idea? Gamers boycotted the network

Кнопка Dislike.

Ubisoft has launched a beta project that will combine NFT technology and blockchain with games. It’s called Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint. The promo video demonstrates the platform’s capabilities. In particular, players will be able to “collect gaming and energy efficient NFTs from Ubisoft.”

Users reacted extremely negatively. Let’s say right away that YouTube recently changed its rating policy, now there is no like counter under the video. However, we can test it in the Google Chrome extension. It turns out that game fans are not very supportive of Ubisoft’s latest vision. Video typed 1982 likes and Кнопка Dislike. 20667 dislikes .

It’s hot on Reddit too:

“This is just a Ghost Recon money pump”

“You took a solid franchise and made it a laughing stock”

17 – a summer artist made money on the NFT marketplace $ 6 million

Женщина с длинной шеей.

Young artist Neela Hayes raised over $ 6 million from the OpenSea marketplace. There she sold her paintings in the now popular NFT format. The heroes of the paintings are people and fantastic creatures with long necks. She calls them Long Neckies. According to Neela, a long neck is a symbol of human power.

TIME magazine became interested in the young genius – they invited her to become a member of the TIMEPieces project. This is a platform that provides promotional support to artists to promote them in the NFT space. Also TIME ordered portraits from her from the collection “

Kolomoisky bought cheap electricity and mined cryptocurrency at his factory

Флаг Бразилии и биткоин.

Oligarch Igor Kolomoisky equipped a crypto-farm at the Zaporozhye Ferroalloy Plant. This is stated in a new investigation by the Schemes.

The equipment was brought from China and Georgia. Journalists calculated that there is enough equipment for mining 96 bitcoins per month – at the current exchange rate, this is over $ 4 million

As you know, the lion’s share of production goes to pay for electricity. To save money, Kolomoisky bought it at a large discount through a contract with Energoatom. And then, within six months 2022 – it was supplied, in particular, to the Zaporozhye Ferroalloy Plant.

Brazil plans to abolish taxes for green miners

Brazilian Congress exchange will consider a bill to abolish the tax on the import of installations for crypto mining. The only condition is to use renewable energy sources for this. For example, volcanic energy, as El Salvador is doing.

Also, Congress will consider a proposal to recognize cryptocurrencies not as a currency, but as a commodity. If adopted, it will give crypto exchanges the opportunity to provide financial services, as well as issue loans to residents of Brazil.

It is difficult to predict whether the authorities will support such initiatives. But the local crypto community welcomed these ideas.

Arthur Mining CEO Ray Nasser believes that Brazil has every chance of becoming a mining Mecca if they waive taxes.

If the law is passed, miners will have to go through state registration of their equipment and connect to the ecosystem monitoring system.


  • Opera browser with Web3 capabilities and built-in cryptocurrency wallet, announced Solana integration in the first half 2022 of the year. Users will be able to transfer assets directly in the Opera browser.
  • Since the activation of the Bruno hard fork on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), which has a BNB burn mechanism, more 12 12 BNB ($ 5.9 million) … About 1 BNB is burned every minute.
  • 10 способов заработка на крипте. Web traffic of crypto exchanges in November increased by 19%
  • 10 способов заработка на крипте. US inflation rose 6.8% and reached its highest level since 1982 year

17 ways to make money on crypto

10 способов заработка на крипте. Rainmakers Games - Стартап для «Play-to-Earn» собрал 6,6 млн

Due to the rapid development of the crypto industry and various sectors, we decided to make a selection of the most relevant opportunities earnings in the crypt.

If you still If you think that you can make money on crypto only by speculating on the price of high leverage futures, then this video is for you.

We made a selection from 12 ways to make money on crypt in 1982 – 80 year.

Have a nice day!

10 способов заработка на крипте.

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