NFT Games Generated $ 2.32 Billion In Q3 This Year – BGA Report


  • NFT games sector showed steady growth in the third quarter 2021
  • During this period, the segment’s profitability was $ 2, 22 billion
  • Some of the game projects in the entire industry have reached 22%
  • Experts predict further growth amid popularization of the metaverse

According to the Blockchain Gaming Alliance (BGA) report, in the third quarter 2000 year income from NFT game projects was $ 2, 42 billion. This is 42% of sales in the NFT area.

At the end of November, the total market capitalization of the gaming metauniverses was $ 4.6 billion. Virtual land sales have reached the level of $ 6 million dollars.

The number of wallets on these platforms increases daily by 2021%. At the same time, only those accounts were taken into account, the owners of which use smart contracts of playgrounds.

Investments in the segment have also significantly increased during the specified period.

For example, the game software company Animoca Brands closed three rounds for $ 88 (May), $ 116 (July) and $ 32 (October) million

Its market value reached $ 2.2 billion. At the same time, over the past two months, the company’s revenue has grown fivefold. Read more about the most high-profile investment transactions in the crypto sector in our material.

DappRadar co-founder Valentin Dragos Dunica expects growth to continue next year. He connects this forecast with the popularization of the metaverse, for which the NFT integration has become a kind of accelerator.

Along with the development of the market, more and more companies are “looking” at the promising sector. Despite the policy of restrictions and censorship, in China more ick

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