NFT overtook cryptocurrency in popularity


  • NFT enjoys record interest
  • About this is evidenced by the data of Google Trends
  • For the first time in history, this phrase overtook cryptocurrencies

Google Trends showed interesting data: it turns out Recently, the phrase NFT has become more popular than cryptocurrency. This is the first time ever.

Interest is fueled by the stories of people who have earned hundreds of thousands of dollars from tokenized pictures and audio. And also the fact that more and more companies are entering the NFT market.

NFT on Google Trends

The service from Google allows you to check how interesting Internet users are with certain words. Interest in the phrase “NFT” has grown steadily since June this year, and in recent days it has finally managed to overtake the phrase “cryptocurrency”. For example, in Ukraine, this is a request in the tops.

Who is looking for information about NFT?

On Google Trends, you can also see which region of the world has the highest interest in a topic you are looking for. In the case of NFT, the answer is surprising – this country turned out to be China. Venezuela is in second place, followed by Canada and the United States.

Apparently this is a trend after 14 – the year-old artist earned $ 6 million on the NFT marketplace

Who is looking for information about cryptocurrencies?

As for crypto words, the Netherlands, Australia and New Zealand are most interested in the topic.

Is NFT a New Reality or a Temporary Fad?

There is no consensus on whether the trend will last long with NFT. Most likely yes, as non-fungible tokens play an important role in the metaverse, P2E gaming and digital asset copyright.

Celebrities and big brands are fueling interest in NFTs. Melania Trump, Quentin Tarantino, Pepsi, Adidas Originals and hundreds of other companies around the world offer their tokenized collections.

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